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iPhone 3G

Here are a few features that Apple should add to the next iPhone. Many of them will be taken care of with iPhone OS 3.0. With the release of the 3.0 OS we will most likely see an iPhone 3.0: Apple has now released the iPhone 3G S and the 3.0 firmware!

  1. 3G Data Speed
  2. A REAL Developer SDK and 3rd Party Apps
  3. A2DP Bluetooth Profile for Wireless Stereo Listening
  4. Ability to Accept Call by clicking HOME button
  5. Ability to differentiate DIALED or INCOMING call & time
  7. Ability to send multiple photos in email & texts
  8. All pre-installed apps should work in landscape mode as well as portrait mode
  9. Allow users to mark email as read/unread
  10. Assign ringtone to groups
  11. Battery Remaining
  12. Bluetooth sync
  13. Cell Tower Triangulation
  14. copy and paste
  15. Create Groups in contacts
  16. Delete Multiple Mails
  17. Display character counter when creating SMS text messages
  18. Electronic Book Reader
  19. Enable contacts search function
  20. Extend Google Maps to interface with GPS device via Bluetooth
  21. Flash support in Safari
  22. Full Exchange Integration
  23. gesture basked speed dial from the home screen (or even when locked)
  24. GPS integrated with Google Maps
  26. Higher Volume: New SMS Message Alert
  27. Home screen: Allow users to modify it
  28. iChat Instant Message (IM) Client
  29. ichat video capability
  30. Integrated Search (Spotlight)
  31. iPhone as a (bluetooth) modem
  32. iPhone should show up as an external drive
  33. iTunes Downloads OTA
  34. Keep status of read/unread e-mail synced between phone/GMail
  35. Keyboard dictionary: Allow users to edit contents
  36. LED blinker to notify about new messages
  37. Mark All Mail As Read
  38. MMS Support
  39. Move Photos from Mail and Web to photo folder
  40. multiple recipients with SMS
  41. Outlook Tasks and Notes Sync
  42. Recents should let you clearly see incoming vs. outgoing
  43. Save email or SMS message as a Note.
  44. Send a picture to another mobile phone
  45. Send contact information from address book with SMS/Email/Bluetooth
  46. Skype client
  47. Stronger/variable vibrate mode
  48. Support notes like other iPods do.
  49. Sync Google calendar and contacts over the air
  50. Sync Mail on iPhone with Mail on your Computer
  51. Sync TODO list from iCal from my Mac to iPhone
  52. Turn Wifi on/off from home screen
  53. Unlocked iPhone
  54. Video / Voice Recording & Playback
  55. Visual notification of silent mode
  56. Voice Dialing without an App.


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  • Michael

    A button to activate ” key guard “, there is now only a slider to de activate it.

  • tom

    michael, you just press the power button on the top once and it puts it on…. newb

  • Aurora Brito

    You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.

  • jay

    if the iphone 2 can make toast ill definitely buy one lol.

  • none

    iphone 2 should include a built in condom dispenser.

  • andy

    should include video camera as standard instead of having to wait for dodgy third party one

  • Ande

    Well I hope they will put out more than one Version of the iPhone to replace the iPhone 1.0 …

    Wishlist includes for a high end version :

    4+ megapixel rear facing camera
    VGA front facing camera for videocalling
    A2DP for Stereo Bluetooth

    A WiFi accessible ExtHDD be carried in a pocket or bag, and could be accessed via the phone. 🙂
    This would just have a charging socket and nothing else. A Big Apple logo perhaps :p

  • Dr.Mamdouh Bakhoum

    Is there any way to read word and excel on Iphone
    Please Help
    Thanks so much

  • Alan Vazquez

    Hello people, this is a really good list, a lot of these features have been gradually been added, can’t wait for version 2.0 alpha!

  • Miguel

    They should add an “accelerometer override” option, so you can decide when you want it to work -or not.

  • ashlie

    can that shit be for tmobile

  • Alan Vazquez


  • amy

    i am the first one on the list wen it comes out on the 11th of july on 02 carnt wait really i am

  • Alan Vazquez

    amy: cool. congrats. I’m not going to buy the iPhone 3G. Not, until we/or anyone makes a full unlock and jailbreak.

  • JB

    Hey i have the Iphone 2.1 it has both cydia and installer, can you give me ay sources to get roms for the GBA? without using a computer.. thanks

  • Robert

    Last night a friend ask me if i could bluetooth him a song. Her phone (Nokia) was able to pick up my iphone. My phone searched for the longest time, until i gave up. Is there something I need on my iphone. Do i need wifi to find other phones besides another iphone? Please help!!!

  • Alan Vazquez

    Robert: hey man. Sorry, but it was Apple’s stupid idea to not include support for bluetooth file transfers. The only thing Apple built in support for was any headset. A wireless headset. That’s it. There are no hacks either. The hardware just won’t allow it, plus there aren’t any frameworks to use in order to make an application that allows you to do this. Sorry man. You are out of luck.

  • Paulsas

    iPhone should have remote keypad for typing sms just like normal phone can type with feeling wihtout looking at virtual keyboard. many people change their mine to get iPhone cause of this problem, especially for heavy sms’er

  • Brad

    Hi bring the pic texting to the iphone.

  • Dude42

    that is the coolest thing ever. I would do anything to get an iphone that has ichat on it and that it can send pictures. If apple does that the day it comes out even if i dont get it it will be the best day of my life

  • Brad Zepik

    Get a security lock when turning on the phone like a Sim pin must be entered to fully turn the phone on if code is incorrect after 3 tries the phone goes into total lock down.

  • Dr Mamdouh Bakhoum

    why not to add Backup software to backup all applications and software of Iphone onto the Computer

    Why not to add answer machine to work on Iphone

  • Ahmed

    Something seriously needs to be done about the 2g sound output. Cant ever hear my phone ring, plus can’t hear any music or watch movies without connecting to external speakers…. What’s up with that anyway? Why da hell did Apple make such an amazing phone and give it such crap sound quality?!!!!

    does anyone know if its even possible to sort this problem out through a software method?

  • andrew MILLINGTON


  • tommylouis

    can I unlock and or jailbreak a 3Gs?

    ive been using a 2g on att but I woudl like the 3gs features but I would want to unlock / jailbreak it before they make it harder

  • jeff friestadt

    i have a 3g iphone i have greenpoison redsn0w and limera1n so far they say somthing about backing up shsh files? one program wants me to browse for ipsw files go into settings path show hidden files somthin like c./usersname/appdata/some thin/itunes . Basically im new and dont want to break my phone i have xp vista windows 7 and mac os 10.4 or later its a g5 tower single prosecessor ppc 1.6 if any one could help me i would be forever grateful!!! oh and i have a mb where it could be mb or mh or mc sorry it was so long ive got 12 hours tied up my phone just keeps going into recovery mode?????

  • Estela Figliola

    Hi, thanks for this comment 🙂

  • Sara

    Hur jailbreaka jag min iphone 3g 4.2.1 utan att använda min homeknapp? eftersom den är trasig. Men jag har en ersättare button från Cydia.

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