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iPhone 4.0

Really? Did you really think there is talk of iPhone 4.0? iPhone 3G S was just released. This page is dedicated to the iPhone 4.0 hardware. This page will continually be updated when we receive information on Apple’s 4th major revision of the iPhone.


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  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Verizon just might get the iPhone 4G. Stay Tuned.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Well, they are in highup talks right now. Steve is attending those meetings. Now, there is a slight hitch, AT&T’s contract ends on 2010, so Apple and Verizon are in talks to create a new iPhone-like device. They are exploiting a loophole in their contract.

  • salmon randa

    how to buy iphone 3Gs, cause i’m in indonesia

  • mauricio nava

    IPhone 4.0 coming after summer.

    1)Flash player support
    2)Quick back option without going to home screen while switching between apps.
    3)File browsing and storing
    4)Option to attach images, file etc from email app itself.
    5)Multiple signature options
    6)Manual rotate gesture option
    7)Notes app should be more powerful word process (fonts, text size etc)
    8)All Grouping of contacts for test message e.g. friend and family groups.
    9)App for grouping key social networking sites(for posting universal photos, text to all social networking sites together.
    10) Auto spell check in safari browser (like mozilla) when adding text in twitter, facebook leaving comments at blog etc.
    11)Build in Flash in camera for night photo shot
    12) Front facing camera for video Chat
    13) Use cover flow for using multitasking third party apps (limit to 5 apps, not to drain the battery life)
    14)Thin quick time player app to run video downloaded from web.
    15)Group notification alert or not attended tasks(missed MMS, SMS, PHONE, Chat message, meeting, event etc)on single screen.

  • Mike

    I doubt Apple will add all of those features.

  • iBlackguy

    Any word on the missing iphone prototype

  • zipper

    how about true microsoft outlook functionality – to at least the level of a blackberry?

    1)sort contact by company
    2)task and note sync with exchange

  • Andreas

    please excuse me im austrian and not very good in speaking and writibg english!!

    some of my friends have bbought the iphone 3gs
    i also wanna have a iphone but i want the next

    iphone 3gs looks like the iphone 3g ….2.0…..
    i want to have a iphone with a new look

    please can you help me???

    when can i get the 4.0???

    hope to hear from you

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    The iPhone 3GS is the best thing for the next year!

  • Andreas

    But i dont want the 3gs
    the look is boring
    is it true that the 4.0 should have 128gb
    please more infos

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Nobody has info on this phone yet. If anything it will have 64GB of storage

  • Andreas

    in some sites is written that it will have 128 gb
    but im not sure
    you`ll probably be right!!!

  • Free Microsoft Points

    There will be a new one soon though.

  • Brad

    upgrade the face time chat not wifi it should work with out the wifi.

  • thach

    who should use Iphones??? Should persons earn hourly wages less than $15.00 dollars to utilize the Iphones?

    • Alan Vazquez

      Sure, why not, lol. I make $10 an hour (not from Limited Edition iPhone/LEI Mobile) and I have an iPhone 3G S and I’m gonna buy an iPhone 4 today. Everyone can afford an iPhone, there are financing options.

  • baby lee

    youtube doesnt work on my iphone just show out (cannot connect to youtube) can i fix it?

  • Tamz

    i need an iphone

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