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$100,000 offered to freely release iPhone unlocking software

August 28th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Apple, iPhone, Unlocked

Unlocked iPhone for Money

Someone has offered to give $100,000 to any person or company with a software unlock to the iphone if they release it freely to the public. They state:

We are willing to pay $100,000 USD and make it freely available with the owner’s approval and all the credits given to the creator. We will also give you control of a domain and release it on Wednesday night at 12:00am

This is an offer for the developers to release the software to the pubic and not have to worry about AT&T’s layers and still get paid for the release. If they were going to sell the software for $50, they would have to sell atleast 2000 copies to equal $100,000.

I hope they go through with the deal so that everyone can unlock their phones for free! I will keep you updated!



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  • Alan Vazquez

    Wow. I’m just remembering all of this. I have been surfing the site to remember the good times, and the bad times of when the first unlock was out, then the first jailbreak, and all of the drama. And…(sorry I am a bit nerdish) but I just gotta remember the glory days…(even if this was a year ago)

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