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3G iPhone Leaked Pictures

June 7th, 2008 · 4 Comments · Apple, iPhone

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CrunchGear got a hold of some AT&T iPhone 3G promotional material. From the pictures we can see that there will be 2 colors you can choose from the start. Red or Black. Knowing Apple and the cellphone business, we can expect to see more Limited Edition iPhones released later on.

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We can see that there will be a camera in the front and the back. We can also read that its possible to do video chat over wifi with iChat. “Video just became a little more fun. Start a real time video chat with other AT&T subscribers via 3G networking, or with iChat buddies via WiFi. The video calling revolution has begun.”

red iphone


3G iPhone ichat AV



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  • Alan

    Ha! I knew it! Just yesterday I reported on leaked firmware and now this. Sweet!

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    I hope someone jailbreaks them soon after release. I am not sure if I like the colors though….

  • Alan

    Yeah man. I have full confidence in the iPhone Dev Team. I will buy one as soon as it is unlocked.

  • Alan

    EDIT: Hey, guys I have been studying these pics and in afraid that I might have to call these pictures fake. Look at the red iphone, it doesn’t have the sleep wake button. Also, there is no mention of a front camera in the leaked firmware. Also, Crunchgear said, a few days ago, that they played with the 3G iPhone and they said that there was no camera on the front, and now they are saying this? I think these are fake. I will try to get confirmation of my findings.

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