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June 29th, 2008 · No Comments · Apple, iPhone

Ruined iPhone

I have been reading and studying this story for a time now, and I think now is the time to report on it. I have been moved by this, it’s about time that someone did this. People are taking a stand on the super high rates that Apple and it’s partners are imposing on their customers. Now for all of you who watch South Park, you should know this phrase, “Canada is on Strike!”. Yes folks, as of now an estimated 10,000 people are boycotting the iPhone 3G and Rogers/Fido. They do not think that it is fair to pay $60 a month for 3 years! Plus the plan is crap, get a load of this:
*150 minutes
*400MB of data usage
*Unlimited Evenings and Weekends
*75 text messages
*and a system access fee of $6.95 just for using the service.
Note that all of this is PER MONTH! FOR 3 YEARS! That is 1 year more than here in the US. Let me break the 3 year contract down. These are calculations that I have made:
*5,400 minutes (3.75 days worth of minutes for 3 years)
*144,000MB of data (140.625GB per 3 years) (This isn’t too bad)
*2,700 text messages (The average conversation is 20 text messages) (135 conversatons per 3 years)
*$250.20 of system fees. (Just for using their service)
Now tell me that’s fair. It’s not fair people. Now, you may think otherwise but that’s your problem, Here is a link to sign a petition that has been made, they will deliver the petition to Rogers on launch date. So sign it if you think that this isn’t fair. I personally have signed this petition. (You don’t have to live in Canada to sign it) Now, me signing the petition does not accurately reflect the views of Limited Edition iPhone as a whole or it’s readers.

-Alan Vazquez


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