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Apple iPhone And iPod Touch Firmware 1.1.3 Out In The Wild!

December 29th, 2007 · 22 Comments · Apple, Applications, iPhone

The 1.1.3 firmware has been leaked. It should be released to the public soon. There are many new features that many people wish would have been there from the start. Also most of the new features were already developed by companies not affiliated with Apple. Below you will find a list of the features, and screenshots (Provided by Gearlive).

New Features for iPhone/iPod Touch:

iPod Touch 1.1.3

1. Edit Home Screen – This feature allows you to rearrange your icons. Touch and hold any icon until it starts to wiggle, then drag icons to desired locations. Drag an icon to the far right to create additional Home Screens. Press the Home button when done.

drag mail free iPod touch

2. Drag Mail App – Screenshot of the Mail App being dragged.

3. Calculator – Screenshot of Calculator App being moved.

4. New Safari Tabs Style – Gives you an option to add your Safari tab to the home screen, bookmark, or e-mail the url of the webpage.

5. Add icons to Home Screen – You can add icons or Favicons of websites to your home screen now.

6. New interface for Maps – Just a re-design of the old menu.

7. New Maps View – There’s now a new style of viewing maps. Awesome!

8. GPS Locator – Google Maps application can now pinpoint your location using cell tower triangulation

9. Multiple Text Messages – FINALLY!!! You can send multiple SMS messages.


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  • PSB

    wow .. seems amazing .. but im sure it will take forever to unlock

  • Jeff

    As far as I can tell all of those pictures were of the iPhone and its new features. What about the iPod Touch’s new features? I’m sure everyone would like to know about that. And, I know this entry said iPhone/iPod Touch but, all I saw was the iPhone…

  • Alan

    Jeff, I know what you mean, I am trying to find that information too. I don’t believe that there have been any “confirmed” reports of iPod touch 1.1.3, but as history will tell you, everytime the iPhone gets update, the iPod touch isn’t far behind. I’ll notify everyone in the forum if I have that information. (Also because the iPhone is more popular because it’s cooler, I have an iPod touch, but I love the iPhone so much that I modded it to look like an iPhone) 🙂

  • truehybridx

    lol minus the baseband crap itouches are easier cuz all they need is jailbreaking….. and no contract to make work

    wtf they are doing wht sony did with the psp….
    implementing what hackers have done

  • Alan

    Dude, don’t say that. iPhones are freaking awesome, I love those things! You are right to a certain degree, iPod touches are just iPhones, with a bunch of disabled apps. I so can’t live without my on my iPod. Yes, the PSP used to be all that and a bag of chips, but ever since the iPhone, they’ve wanted a piece of that action. I still have yet to see, the iPod touch 1.1.3, but hey, I think that the 1.1.3 is completely and unbelieveably real. Apple even said publically that someone had leaked information from inside Apple (Google it). To tell you the truth, I’m a little scared, because of how easy it is to get stuff out or worse, in Apple. Who the fu** knows what kind of jackass might try to get into Apple, with non-good intentions. They could Desttroy Apple completely, by putting a new breed of viruses tat actually affect Mac’s!!! I am scared though…

  • Jeff

    Thanks Alan I can’t wait to see what Apple has come up with for the iPod Touch’s new features. I have an iPod Touch myself and I am very annoyed that there is no or But, even without those my iPod Touch is still great. I LOVE IT!!

  • Alan

    I agree. I too was annoyed with Apple’s iPod touch. Let’s look at why this is… The iPod that also does video (iPod video), The 1st and 2nd generation iPods, right off the bat were canibalizing the iPhone’s sales from the start. And now imagine the iPod Classic, iPod Nano 3rd generation, and now the iPod touch. The iPod touch alone would take away like 99% of iPhone sales if it had every app without camera, speaker, or phone type stuff. Imagine an iPhone without the sucky AT&T and no contract. Period!!! Thats why, and i agree Jailbreaking was worth it in the end. I am dumb. I wasted like 1 month thinking about jailbreaking, and if I should do it. 🙂 I am still searching for the iPod touch 1.1.3. I will kelp you all informed, even if I am not the first to get a copy of the firmware.

  • scott

    everything is cool espcially the gps but the moving icnos is kidna cool but if u hack ur ipdo uc an do that

  • Alan

    I guess if you hacked it, but still, the wiggling icons is kinda, sorry for saying this but, it look really fugggly. They shold have just put a setting in the, instead.

  • a

    there is no need for mailapp because you can just go to hotmail orcwhatcever online

  • Alan

    It makes it sooo much easier though. Plus my schools WIFI is l9ocked and the is the only thing that works in the school.

  • zack b

    new itunes 7.6 AND IPOD TOUCH 1.3 FIRMWARE OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan

    Well, I am here, as promised. The new 1.1.3 for the iPod touch is out but, not free. For the few of you who didn’t see/hear about the keynote, the new freatures for the iPod will be:
    1) Pagnation is now accepted
    2) Add Safari Book Marks
    3) Mail, Maps, Weather, Stocks, and Notes.
    4) All of the new features in those apps will be on them.
    5) Switch between iPhone dock and iPod touch dock
    6) Movie Rental support
    and more….

  • Wesley

    New features are included for ipod and 20 dollar software “upgrade” to activate iphone apps and features.

    Mail, Notes, Maps, Stocks included in “upgrade.” able to move icons, add bookmarks to homescreen, updates to apps as rumored are real.

  • Alan

    HA! I BEAT YOU TO IT!!!! LOL 🙂

  • Nate

    okay i just plugged in my itouch and it sed 1.1.3 firmware ready to install so it is out there. dont know yet it is going to take a while i will let yah know. does this mean i get mail and stuff

  • steven

    Downloaded and installed the new software on the touch.

    Purchased the $20 “upgrade”

    Nothing… No new apps, nothing. Beware.

    The rich get richer, I guess…

  • Jim

    You have to hit the update button on the ipod home screen in iTunes for the update to take affect. The software has to download then it installs. 165 Meg It won’t do it with a normal sync.

  • Wesley

    The “upgrade” will sync normally after you purchase it, on Ipod it activates the new features that were rumored including iphone software. Once you purchase and then iTunes is finished “syncing applications” instructions for moving the icons around the springboard will pop up.

  • tokz1k

    what!? Since when did they charge for stupid stuff like this. Come on is apple the new windows? Greedy greedy greedy

  • cean

    do i have to upgrade to $20 in order to see those moving icons?

  • Alan

    Yes, you have to upgrade to get that. I reccommend not to update. Period. If you do update and not pay you won’t get anyfeatures except the iPhone dock and have your 3rd party apps stripped away.

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