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Apple Says: More iPhone Features Coming Soon

November 15th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Apple, Applications, iPhone

iPhone Features

Are you disappointed by some of the features not found on the iPhone? According to comments made recently by an Apple spokesperson, there are plans to add more functionality over the next coming months.

You may have already heard that Apple will be releasing a SDK in February to developers, which will lead to some amazing software development. If you have already jailbroken your phone and have installed installer you have already seen some impressive applications. With the release of the SDK there will be plenty more.Apple decided not to include many features that are common on other phones. Request for certain features like copy and paste, multimedia messaging, GPS, iChat, and many more. Some of these features have already been developed by the iPhone hacking community. Apple does not support them, but every one wants them or already has them. Apple can easily add new features over the air with software upgrades like we saw with the 1.1.1 firmware update.

An Apple rep recently told Pocket-lint, “All the complaints and feature requests we’ve had can be fixed and added by software upgrades.” Apple has been mulling all the feedback and complaints of the iPhone and said about its initially limited feature set, “We didn’t want to include something for something’s sake.”
Apple knows exactly what everyone wants to see. I imagine that they have developers working on many of these features. Although there may be some that will have to wait for a new hardware revision like a 3G chip set.


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  • Mamdouh Bakhoum

    Please add for your iPhone new version which can ad the following:
    @ Copy and paste feature
    @ Can read Word , Excel and Power Point
    @ GPS
    @ More Languages including Arabic
    @ Real Bluetooth to work

  • Brad Zepik

    Body Of Iphone in all diffrent color’s.

  • coolstud

    Get a security lock when turning on the phone like a Sim pin must be entered to fully turn the phone on if code is incorrect after 3 tries the phone goes into total lock down.

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