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Apple Sued & Weird Behavior

August 23rd, 2008 · 7 Comments · Apple, Applications, iPhone, Unlocked


This week has been somewhat weird to say the least. Some very strange behavior coming out of Curpertino, but before that I’d like to tell you guys about Apple’s latest lawsuit.

It appears that iPhone 3G buyers are out of patience. A few days after the iPhone 3G was launched, with glitches and all, many reports of poor iPhone 3G reception started to surface, even on Apple’s own web site. Now after 2 software updates this problem seems to still plague the iPhone and Apple’s name. So a woman in Birmingham, Alabama has sued Apple on the grounds of false/misleading advertising. Jessica Alena has filed a ten page lawsuit against Apple.

“Defendant intended for customers to believe its statements and representations about the Defective iPhone 3Gs, and to trust that the device was ‘twice as fast at half the price’,”

“Immediately after purchase, plaintiff soon noticed that her Internet connection, receipt and sending of e-mail, text messages and other data transfers were slower than expected and advertised,” the lawsuit states.

The charges in the lawsuit mirror widespread complaints about the iPhone 3G’s reception that have crisscrossed the Internet since Apple and AT&T released the successor to the original iPhone on July 11. Affected owners have said the iPhone 3G will switch between 3G networks and EDGE networks even when the device is sitting still and that they will lose reception in the middle of a call while in a 3G-rich environment.

Now, Apple has finally acknowledged the reception issues, and claims that firmware 2.0.2 “improves communication with 3G network and iPhone 3G” but yet again, Apple has failed to mention in the software update what it also updates. Well, all I know that 2.0.2 ,yet again, updates the baseband on the iPhone 3G. People asked about the update and improvements say that there are none. In fact, some people are claiming more problems with 2.0.2 than in 2.0.1, people are saying that having too many applications on the iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPod touch makes thm useless, and in some cases bricks their devices! A workaround that some claim works is limiting the amount of applications to about 3 pages (60 applications, this includes original Applications and web clips)


Now to the weirdness, after such a lawsuit was filed, Apple has been informing and urging all iPhone 3G customers to update to firmware 2.0.2. How is this weird? You tell me this, has Apple ever urged a firmware update? No, why this update? Well I can think of about 3 reasons. Reason number one: this could be a response to MSNBC’s article stating that Apple does a poor job of announcing firmware updates. Reason number 2, They could be trying to get the lawsuit lifted with this firmware update. Now for reason number 3, they could be attempting to block out any chances of unlocking the iPhone 3G. Think about it, they have updated the baseband of the iPhone 3G in every update that has hit since 2.0. Now, whatever the reason, this till doesn’t explain why Apple is going to such lengths as to dedicate a web page to updates, or to send a text message to all iPhone 3G customers. What do you think? Have any of you received Apple and AT&T’s text message? Well, that just goes to show you that iPhone tradition never dies. What tradition? The tradition that there are always some very angry customers, and who are those people? The people waiting in line. Enough said.

-Alan Vazquez


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  • truehybridx

    simply put, the 3g network is not ready for consumer use… Why do ppl think t mobile is holding off a lil longer????

  • Alan Vazquez

    Dude, it’s not AT&T’s 3G network. Some of my closest friends have AT&T and have 3G and it works fine, but the thing is that the 2.0 firmware is the thing that screwed up. Apple should not have rushed all of this. This is their fault. AT&T also should have prepared for this as well. Once Apple and AT&T get their act together everything will be fine.

  • truehybridx

    Oh so it is the software that was really bad… Hmm thats 5million out the window

  • Alan Vazquez

    Yep. This time it is all Apple’s fault. The bad thing is that not only is the iPhone 3G affected with 2.0.x firmware, but everyone with an iPod touch or an iPhone classic.

  • truehybridx

    wow glad I never updated

  • Alan Vazquez

    Oh, you still on 1.1.4?

  • truehybridx

    yea like I said in the other thread I’m waiting for a few apps to get ported over and for winpwn.

    Since I can’t use pwnage tool cuz my OSx86 installation doesn’t have working USB on my machine

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