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BREAKING NEWS: iPhone 3G S Jailbreak/Unlock Comming Soon!

June 26th, 2009 · 8 Comments · iPhone

Hey everyone, this is great news. As Mike had previously reported, GeoHot had found that the iPhone 3G S can be jailbroken. Well, it seems I have just recieved confirmation form the iPhone Dev Team that this is true, but in a way GeoHot had not specified.

It seems that the iPod touch 2G 2Kpwn exploit is still in the iPhone 3G S to jailbreak and the ultrasn0w exploit also lives on to unlock the 04.26.08 baseband! This is great news! It seems that Apple foolishly stopped working on the iPhone 3G S’ bootrom in August of 2008! AUGUST!

This gives you a general idea of how Apple works. They should be working on the 4th and 5th gen iPhones right now, as well as the next 2 iPod touch models, and some new stuff that we have yet to see…

Also, it also tells you how confident Apple was that they had killed the Pwnage 2.0 method of jailbreaking. I am almost certain that the new iPod3,1 model will not have this bootrom exploit, so we may not see a jailbreak for the iPod touch 3rd gen or beyond.

So there you have it. If you want an iPhone 3G S, go ahead and buy it, you have nothing to worry about (jailbreak wise) but unlock wise, I suggest buying the iPhone 3G S as soon as possible. I say Apple may release a new update (and baseband update) in the next 2-3 weeks. I am almost sure of it.

Now, keep in mind, the iPhone 3G S does have major hardware differences with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 1st gen. It will take some time to modify and update redsn0w and the Pwnage Tool for the iPhone 3G S.

This was just some breaking news we had for you guys the very early morning (1:30am) to let you know that everything is fine and a tool should be released soon. The fundamentals are there for the taking, an exploitable bootrom and baseband. Now, on one final note, I would like to advise every iPhone 3G S (and unlocked iPhone 3G user) to not, and I repeat, not update to any upcomming 3.x.x firmware update. This will most likely kill ultrasn0w forever.

The ultrasn0w unlock was only found due to a stroke of blind luck. Don’t count on this happening for all future baseband updates.


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  • truehybridx

    ohhh savage failure on apples part, the 3gs was already post production when the ipodtouch 2g was jailbroken and too late to call it back, DAMN! lol PWNED!!!!

  • Alan Vazquez

    truehybridx: You said it. 3P1C FAILURE!

    There is something Apple did right, it seems Apple may have made it so you cannot downgrade the firmware. This may be able to get fixed, but don’t count on it.

  • Eric

    You know, they may lock down the baseband, but I don’t think that apple will actually make it impossible for us to jailbreak. I forget what the estimate of jailbroken to non jailbroken iDevices was but I think it was that about 40% were. I could be wrong there. Jailbreaking was the only reason I finally got the 3g. Jail breaking helps apple if you ask me.

  • ME

    YES I agree with you, it does not not make business sense to block all “doors” to your revenue in flows…

  • Alan Vazquez

    Actually guys, Apple (and a lot of uneducated people) consider jailbreaking and illegal warez to go hand in hand, thus Apple is trying to save it’s App Store.

  • Eric

    Quite true Alan, I can see where you are coming from, and being a developer myself, I can understand the need to keep warez to a minimum. However also, again as a developer, I have seen what it takes to get an app on the app store, even a free one. You have to pay apple to be able to dev for the iPhone, and then, AFTER you have completed the app you have to submit it to apple so they can decide whether or not they like it. New apps should get shot down in the concept phase, not after months of work. Its a bit of a gamble. Jailbreaking lets dev’s release whatever app they see fit, and indeed, MANY of the top app makers in the app store started out releasing apps to the jailbreak scene, due to Apple not allowing their apps on the app store. One I can think of in particular who has 4 of the top 10 music aps for ’09 and 3 for ’08, is MooCowMusic. Drummer was one of his first apps, and it was NEVER accepted into the app store, yet was one of the most popular jailbreak apps.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Eric: Oh, don’t get me wrong I endorse (and have always endorsed) jailbreaking and unlocking. Without hackers there is no progress. Most of the “revolutionary new technologies” in iPhone OS 2.x.x and 3.x were stolen (not “inspired”) from jailbreaking groups. I jailbreak all the time.

    The only reason I patch the installd (3.x) or the mobileinstallation framwork (2.x.x) is to test applications from the SDK or stuff that I want to test out that I normally couldn’t without paying Apple their $99. I’d prefer waiting until we come upon a hit than to shell out $99 for Apple to not even accept apps into their App Store.

    I agree, Apple needs to chill. They have to lay down rules. They need to be more transparent with their app approval process.

    Cydia is a great place to see if something is a hit or could be a hit. Its also a great place to have open betas for applications.

    Of course they were jailbreak devs first, if we hadn’t hacked our devices for apps, Apple wouldn’t have progressed and made a public developer program.

    Bottom line, technology companies need hackers, and sometimes even pirates. (to improve their security and products)

  • Eric

    I’m sure glad that I’m not the only one who noticed the ‘new’ features, I have a friend who wants to ‘upgrade’ from her 2.2.1 jailbroken 3G to the 3G S for the new features. I keep pointing out that she has those features right now.

    Alan, my last comment wasn’t directed at you so much as it was to anybody who might be thinking of getting their own piece of the app store ‘apple pie’. That was my plan. I’ve decided to do my own thing and release my apps to the jailbreak community. I was planning on making them free apps anyhow. One day I may get there, but not until I come up with something revolutionary. Like an app that can detect whether or not someone really did wash their hands in the restroom, and reminds you to do the same by monitoring for the sound of a flush. DON’T STEAL MY IDEA.(j/k you can have this one for free).

    I like the hardware and software, but Apple’s business model needs a bit of work.

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