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BREAKING NEWS: Linux Has Arrived To iPhone

November 29th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Apple, iPhone, Video

[youtube: 425 350]

UPDATE: Alright guys, the new YouTube service should now work for all of you. On any post with with an embedded YouTube video, a link to tap on (for iPhone/iPod touch users) will be available on the bottom of the post.

Yes you heard/read right people, Linux has made it’s way to the iPhone! The announcement last night was filled with skepticism and disbelief, until the project’s leader “Planetbeing” (you all know him, he’s on the Dev Team and does an extraordinary job with the iPhone)

Well top names in the iPhone hacking community were involved in this project, such as Planetbeing, cmw (WinPwn creator), poorlad, ius, and saurik. They did an unthinkable task. They have created their own bootloader in order to allow Linux and the iPhone OS to run on the same device, side by side. They have created a “boot camp like” interface to choose between iPhone OS and a very rough copy version of Linux.

Why Linux you ask? Well, Linux and OS X are very much alike at the core. Both use BSD and UNIX. Windows uses a different Kernel, so that’s why they haven’t tried to port Windows yet.

Some drawbacks on the Linux port are that there is no touch available, it is all done through a USB console and it is command line only.

Alright guys, I’ll be updating this post very soon with some stuff that I’m working on (and isn’t done yet) I have a mini announcement soon you’ll see…

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