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Confirmed: Steve Jobs Had Liver Transplant During Medical Leave

June 20th, 2009 · 2 Comments · iPhone

Hey everyone, well it seems us here at LimitedEditioniPhone have done it yet again. A few months ago, we reported that Steve Jobs was in Tennesee getting a much needed liver transplant. Now, I am not proud and am not going to say “I told you so” because I look up to Mr. Jobs and admire his work too much to say that.

So why until now to get confirmation? Well, Steve Jobs’ medical leave is almost over. (We might even expect him to be back Monday morning, if not, he should be back by June 29, 2009, which is incidently the iPhone’s 2 year anniversary)

His condition is unknown (not confirmed) but we have gotten some status updates throughout 2009. Woz (Steve Wozniak, Apple, Inc. Co-Founder) stated about a month ago stating that he was in good health and was almost back to his old energetic self. A few weeks ago, some Apple workers on Apple’s Cupertino Campus reported that they had seen him on site roaming around, and they also stated that he looked a lot better than in the Fall/Winter of 2008.

As you may remember has Apple never stated anything about Steve Jobs’ health when it comes to cancer. In 2004, Apple revealed Mr. Jobs’ pancreatic cancer to the world after his surgery that (allegedly) cured him of cancer forever.

Well, I did some research, and I found some startling facts, Steve Jobs’ cancer is a very small and often undetected disease due to the cancerous cells being so small. Well, it seems that sometimes, when they remove all or most of the pancreas, one, they get diabetes which is fortunately treatable (but still horrible to have), two, they will have to remove some of the liver as well as the liver is next in line for the cancer.

Sometimes, however, the doctors don’t remove all of the cancerous cells (due to them being so small and undetected) and the cancer spreads to the liver. Which explains his liver transplant (like I had speculated a few months ago), he had liver cancer from the old pancreatic cancer.

Not only this, but he will be on medication for his entire life to prevent what’s called “rejection” in which a transplanted organ may be attacked the the body (because the body thinks its bad, like a virus).

So as we await Steve Jobs’ return to Apple, just keep in mind that this can happen to anyone, so be aware and be safe everyone, and Steve, where ever you are, “Good luck, and welcome back!”

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  • ace

    From some of the comments I read at other sites about this news, a lot of people are angry about this. How can Jobs be the “sickest patient on the waiting list”? Seems that the hospital that did the surgery saw dollar signs and a “free publicity” opportunity to make more money.

    Doctors are the number one killers in America. Not car accidents, plane crashes or cancer. Doctors. Healthcare has become so expensive that those who REALLY do need to have treatments cannot afford it unless if doctors and hospitals can screw your health insurance over real good.

    Put the blame for healthcare cost where it really belongs. Greedy doctors and big pharmaceutical companies. The medical industry is not in the business of “saving lives”. They are in the business of generating death. Death makes them money. Not life. Not natural items, herbs and plants.

    In essence, doctors who take the “hippocratic oath” of “do no harm” are just hypocrites. Knowledge is power. You have to be your own doctor, medical advocate and do your own research. Because if you don’t, the choice will be made for you. And the choice won’t be in your “best interest”.

  • Alan Vazquez

    ace: I agree. I’m not mad because Steve is like my role model. He is awesome, but yes I agree. I am very familliar on how our medical system works. I have had to go there very often these past 2 years for sone complications I have.

    They have already put me on medicine for life, (and it wasn’t necessary) but they want money. Also, they keeo sending me from doctor to doctor and tey say the same thing, which confirms that they just want more $$$.

    I agree 100% with you. And yes, unfortunately here in the U.S., no money equals no power and no life. Our medical system is broken all of our issues here in the U.S. were created by greed. Wars, Wall Street, and our medical system.

    I just hope that something changes fast because if it doesn’t I fear the worst for our country.

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