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Epic Fail: Verizon CEO Admits They Want The iPhone…

April 16th, 2009 · 5 Comments · Apple, iPhone


Yes guys, you are reading this correctly. This is indeed an epic, and I mean epic fail on Verizon’s part. Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg has admitted that he wants the iPhone. 4 years ago, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs approached Verizon’s CEO to talk about the iPhone. They turned poor old Steve down.

Well, then he approached Cingular, and they accepted. (Then 11 days before the introduction on the 1st generation iPhone, AT&T had a hostile take over of Cingular, and here we are today)

So today, they have confirmed that they have been talking to Apple and they said that Apple will strongly consider having the iPhone on Verizon’s network, 4G network that is. Yes everyone, just when you thought 3G was all that, 4G is coming to completely embarrass 3G networks.

So how long until Verizon starts rolling out 4G? Well, they are due to start rolling it out in late 2009. Also, don’t get your hopes up on a CDMA phone, because they said that if an iPhone were to go to them it would be an LTE (4G) phone.

So Verizon, are you sure that you should have not trusted Apple? Well see tomorrow. I don’t for see green in their stock tomorrow…

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  • Chewie

     if they get it I will jump right on that. I want an iPhone so bad but I have verizon

  • Alan Vazquez

     Yeah, I understand. My entire family is on Verizon. (I’m the only crazy one with AT&T, lol. (and its pre paid, because their plans are way to expensive.) My family wants the iPhone, but like I said, they are all on Verizon, lol. Wait until 2011 – 2012 for an open iPhone carrier market.

    (Side note: I am so hapoy!  I (literally) traded in my iPod touch 2G for a brand new iPhone 3G on Monday!)

  • Chewie

    you are one lucky person ive been trying to convince my mom to switch but she wont:(

  • Alan Vazquez

    Yeah, i bought mine for like nothing dude! Im using prepaid AT&T. It works out of the box.

  • Chewie


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