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Fix DFU On Mac OS X 10.5.6

December 20th, 2008 · 28 Comments · Apple, FAQ, iPhone

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! These files are corrupted for some strange reason! Use the manual method described in a previous post.

Hey guys, I have a solution to all of your DFU related problems on the latest Leopard build. As we reported earlier, Apple’s 10.5.6 Leopard update disabled DFU mode, now previously it was believed to be a bug, but by now, to me, this seems like it was another failed attempt to stop the iPhone/iPod touch hacking community. Well guys, let’s fight back. This is a 100% “software solution”. Unlike the previous method (which had to do with hardware and unplugging and reinserting cables and what not), all you have to do is extract zip file, and click your mighty mouse a few times, and enter in your password, and bam, DFU mode once more! Just click on the link below to get in all of the DFU action on the new Leopard build. (Now, a lot of this stuff was previously reported on, but this is all automated and easy to do)

UPDATE: I have taken the link off due to the reason that some people are having problems with the application. I will repost the link when I fix the problem.

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  • Victor

    Is there a way to reverse what the Fix does? I now need to plug in my iPhone to a powered USB because plugging into my keyboard produces ‘USB Low Power Notice’.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Hmm. That is weird. I’ve never heard of such a thing. It shouldn’t do anything to the actual hardware. Well, I suppose you can use Time Machine to recover the old files. Or, I suggest going to Apple and have them check it out.

  • Rob

    Tried this with leopard 10.5.6 and iphone 3g 2.2 same error 21, had to restore with original firmware

  • Victor

    I rebooted the phone and the machine. I also attempted to drop the back up versions of the files into the designated folder. A message popped up (just like it did with the Fix), I rebooted and plugged it into my keyboard and got the notice again. My fear was that I wouldn’t be able to use the port again, but I just tried a thumb drive earlier today and it worked just fine. I just have to continue plugging my phone into a powered USB hub. No biggie.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Oh okay. I think I know what’s wrong. Completely uninstall iTunes and AppleMobileDevice, then reinstall. It might be that iBoot was corrupted in the process.

  • tomat3

    I got a problem as well!
    after installing the fix, my keyboard, trackpad and usb ports are not working anymore on my mbp 2ghz CD.

    ITs just dead.

    everything else works as before.

    any idea how to uninstall the fix?

  • Victor

    I forgot to mention that my ports died out as well (a day or two later). I could boot into safe mode and the ports worked, but as soon as I booted normally, it would deactivate the ports. I ended up reinstalling the OS via DVD (archive installation) and that resolved my issue. I don’t know if reinstalling from Time Machine would have made a difference, but like I said, it worked just fine. After installing all updates I backed up the machine, re-ran the fix and I haven’t had any problems since. I haven’t tried plugging in my phone to the keyboard…….

    I just did it and it works just fine.

  • marcosmh

    my keyboard doesn´t responde two days after installing this fix

    the solution “reinstalling system” …

    “use at your own risk….”

  • Victor

    Well? My keyboard and mouse went out today right after a recent Java update. My recommendation is that you do the fix, unlock the phone, and then reinstall or Time Machine prior to the Fix.

    Previously I was able to enter safe boot/mode and use my keyboard and mouse, but I wasn’t able to today. I had to boot from the OSX cd.

  • madcowz


  • Alan Vazquez

    Hey guys. I’m really sorry about this. I’ve been checking the files one by one with the originals (before I uploaded) and for some strange reason, they are corrupted. Please don’t use this until I find out why they are corrupted or if I upload it again and they are fixed. Sorry guys. Keep checking back. I’ll update this post when I figure it out. I’ll add a “Use at your own risk” message.

    Once again, sorry about the trouble. Right now, I would rather use the manual method in a previous post until I figure out what happened to the application.

  • Edoras

    I have same problem.
    A USB Hub solved the problem.

  • iamscaredformmacbook

    will this f*** up my macbook 2.1 GHZ i did this fix for abut 1 day ago and after reading these post i am REALLY scared for my macbook… :'( should i be scared ?

  • broken macbook

    well, my keybord and touchpad won’t work on my macbook one week after doing this fix…

    FUCK YOU!!!!!! it broke my MACBOOK!!! you fucking IDIOT!!

  • ......

    100 percent software solution ? My ass!!!

  • Help

    My Unibody MacBook’s keyboard and trackpad aren’t working after I placed the Backed-up files in my System/Library/Extensions.

    I don’t have Screen Sharing enabled, only File Sharing, is there anything I can do to fix this?

    Can I just delete those two files and everything will work?

  • Victor

    Your keyboard will work when you first start up. You’re going to have to reinstall OSX at which point, if you have a backup (Time Machine) you can restore your machine to its previous state OR you’re going to have to do a clean install.

    Hold down the “C” key before it boots up and boot from your OSX discs.

  • Victor

    The fix does what its supposed to, but after a while, like 2 or 3 days, the keyboard and mouse do go out. If you plan on doing this, back up your system PRIOR to installing the fix. Once you’ve jailbroken the phone, RESTORE your system via OSX discs. Problem solved. I’d add that to the solution above. Do that or shutdown this page because a lot of people are getting screwed.

  • BobVolvo

    damn im just another person that just got screwed… my mac book just died a few days after this…. if you do this YOU WILL HAVE TO RESTORE WITH OSX DISC OR USE TIME MACHINE…. so anoyed

  • BobVolvo

    damn im just another person that just got screwed… my mac book just died a few days after this…. if you do this YOU WILL HAVE TO RESTORE WITH OSX DISC OR USE TIME MACHINE…. so anoyed

  • nothanks

    if you have an ipod or ipod touch with vnc or remotepad on it, you can download the 10.5.6 combo update, same shit if you already are on 10.5.6 it worked for me 🙂

  • nothanks

    sorry, i mean ipod touch or iphone…

  • kieran

    holy shit, i just did this, it did nothing, then read the comments, im now very freaked out. I got a macbook 2.1ghz and don’t know what is going to happen, any FIX FIX FIX!

  • kieran

    it didnt reboot my machine automaticly so im assuming its going to be ok?

  • kieran

    hahahaha! 6 days on it broken my Mac! keyboard and mouse is useless! Had to restore! get this fuccking shit of the internet

  • Alan Vazquez

    Ok, WTF are you guys complaining about? (specifically kiernan) what r u talking about? I took the link off like 3 months ago. How is this my fault? I took it off so people wouldn’t do it.

  • Jonas B

    Ok, here is the easiest solution if your computer freezes after using this script:

    You need another mac though.

    1) Turn off the messed up computer
    2) Connect a 6-6 firewire cable between the messed up computer and the other mac (turned on)
    3) Boot the messed up computer in target mode by pressing T during boot. You’ll see a big firewire symbol on the screen and the hard drive of the fucked up computer will appear in finder.
    4) Download the 10.5.6 Combo Update from Apple at the other mac.
    5) Double-click the update to start it and just follow the instructions. Choose the fucked up computer’s hard drive when you select the target volume during the installation process.
    6) When you have finished the update, eject the fucked up computer in finder, disconnect the firewire cable and reboot it.
    7) Done.

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