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Free Apple iPhone Music Downloads

October 7th, 2007 · 8 Comments · Apple, Applications, iPhone


I was looking for Free apple iPhone music downloads and stumbled upon iPhone-Magic.

This site is where you can get all the music downloads you want plus videos, movies, TV shows, and games (and a ton of other downloads – go look for yourself!). A cool feature is that you can download them right to your iPhone.

Another cool feature is that you don’t even have to use a converter to download anything! Needless to say, this is my favorite place for iPhone music downloads at the moment. Who needs Apple’s iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store when you have iPhone Magic.


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  • John

    DON’T CLICK IT !!! it’s a scam, it sent me to paypal, i logged in because it still wouldn’t show me the cost, next thing I know i get an email from paypal that I’ve been charged $49.95 US for joining. I NEVER CLICKED ANYTHING !!!! They ask you to install a bit torrent client and give you a link to a torrent search engine on the web !!! WHAT A SCAM !!!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves. I demand a refund before I contact my lawyer and local police office.

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    That is not my website. I was asked to write a review on their site and would receive a commission on part of the sales. If you would like a refund you need to contact the company not I am sorry if you think they are scam.

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    The one time fee is clearly listed on their site and even when you check out. Also they Do have a 56 day money back no questions ask guarantee.

  • John

    well it is a scam because once I got to paypal, I saw that they were charging $49.95US, at that point I simply closed my browser. I never clicked anything that said “pay now”

    next thing i know I get an email receipt from PayPal for $49.95US !!!

    I’ve requested a refund but have not heard back from them !!! I will give them 24 hours before I contact my lawyer friend.

    $49.95US for a bit torrent program (freeware) and a link to a torrent search engine (torrentz)


  • John

    just got an email from them saying a credit has been issued, we’ll have to wait and see if it does end up showing up @ paypal

  • Patricia

    Hello, My name is Patricia – I am the head of our customer support staff at iphone-magic.

    We would like to inform the readers of this post that “John” started posting his “Ripoff” claim within minutes of purchasing our product.

    I personally responded to him 4 hours after he emailed me, however, by then he had already written about us in a negative way.

    I would also like to point out that it is not possible to access our members page without going through the registration process – which involves not only paying for our product, but then registering with out system after that.

    You cannot “accidentally” pay and then end up on the members page.

    You must pay, then fill out further registration details, and then you go to the member page.

    His refund has already been issued – and that was within 24 hours of his request.

    I am sure though that “John” will not report the curtious manner in which he was treated, the speed of his refund, or the professionalism of our staff.

    It is unfortunate that this type of thing happens, however, we are glad to serve the public in the most professional and timely manner we can.


  • John

    Dearest Patricia,

    thank you kindly for your quick refund. I haven’t posted an update yet until i actually see the money in the bank. You know the old saying “your check is in the mail”…

    regardless…it is a scam and here are my reasons:

    1. I absolutely 100% guarantee you that there was never a button on PayPal that said “Pay Now”. As soon as I logged into PayPal and say that the cost was $49.95US after you advertised FREE on the main page I simply closed the Paypal webpage I was on. Less than a minute later I get a receipt email from PayPal confirming my $49.95US purchase !!!! I never purchased anything !!!! Nothing was clicked!!!

    2. You advertise in your FAQ’s that no additional software is needed…FALSE !!! you send a link to download and install a bit torrent client (which everyone already has because it is freeware)

    3. You send out a link to a torrent search engine !

    how can you justify ripping people off for $49.95US ??? That’s like charging people to use Google to find mp3’s


  • John

    just got my PayPal credit, thank you Patricia

    I think I learned my lesson for being curious

    no more clicking spam links

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