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Getting To Safari On An Unactivated iPhone

October 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Apple, Applications, iPhone, Unlocked

SafariGetting To Safari On An Unactivated iPhone:

1. Slide to reach the emergency dial screen
2. enter *#307# and then press call
3. Your phone will ring itself, press answer
4. Press hold now and your phone will start ringing again
5. Press Dismiss and your phone will go into the contacts/dial screen
6. Press contacts from the bottom bar and add a contact
7. Add a contact with a random name and homepage as >> prefs://1F
8. Save it and click on the contact’s homepage. this will take you straight into the setting menu of the iPhone.8a. Leave your phone on for a minute or two. Then shut down your iPhone and restart.
8b. After the iPhone restarts it should have the Wifi icon showing at the top…if it does not do steps 1 – 8 again.
9. Once the Wifi is working, do steps 1 – 5 again.
9a. For the next step add another contact give it another name and this time add the address as >>
10. Save the contact and then go to just saved. Follow the instructions and it will automatically activate and jailbreak your iPhone.
11. Your iPhone is now jailbroken and Activated.

If you do not have an answer key and your phone is ringing try this: After you dial *#307# , then you phone will ringing. Then delete the *#307# , and then type number” 3?( only number “3?) press call. After then that you will see ” Decline and answer”. Click “answer”, then click “hold”. Then your iphone will show up ” Decline and Answer” again. THIS time hit “decline” and it will let you go to the contact screen.


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  • mustafa

    i tried both ways and still not working when i call *#307# it rings and the only thing i can see is number 1 on the top of the screen and answer and decline on the bottom of the screen. although i am using a different sim card

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