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GUIDE: 1.1.2 Downgrade Activate And Jailbreak

December 19th, 2007 · 13 Comments · Apple, FAQ, iPhone, Unlocked


This method is mainly for 1.1.2 Out OF The Box iPhones. To begin check the production week of your iPhone. You can find this on the back of your iPhone in the SERIAL Number
You will have something like this : 7V745xxxxxx the 45 means it was produced on the 45th week. iPhones from week 45 and above have the new boot loader version 4.6 with the 1.1.2 Firmware which is unlockable without a TurboSim. Continue reading the entire guide below:You can also check the Modem Firmware version of your iPhone by doing the following.

1- Turn on your iPhone, you will get “Slide for Emergency Call”
2- Slide and you will get the phone keypad
3- type *3001#12345#* and press CALL
3- Press on VERSIONS

If you have the version 04.02.12_G you are sure to have the boot loader version 4.6 which in unlockable without a TurboSim.

What you can do now is downgrade your firmware 1.1.2 to a firmware 1.1.1, by doing that you can use every aspect of your iPhone except all the functions that need a SIM card.

Key Terms to know:
DOWNGRADE: go from firmware 1.1.2 to firmware 1.1.1
ACTIVATE: Bypass the AT&T activation to have access to all the functions in the iPhone
JAILBREAK: gives you the ability to install 3rd party applications on the iPhone.

STEP 1 – Download Necessary Files

First Download the apple 1.1.1 firmware file….a_Restore.ipsw

Second Download iBrickr if you are using Windows or 1.1.2 jailbreak for Mac.

iBrickr :

1.1.2 jailbreak :

STEP 2 – Downgrade From 1.1.2 TO 1.1.1

At this step if you don’t have iTunes installed on your Computer please visit the apple website and download and install iTunes.

– Next Plug your USB in your computer and in your iPhone, iTunes will automatically open and give you an ACTIVATION page.

-Now press the MENU BUTTON and THE POWER BUTTON at the same time and keep pressing them until iTunes tells you that it has detected that your iPhone is in recovery Mode, this could take something from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, so keep pressing both buttons until you get the message.

– Once you get the message dismiss the warning message in iTunes (iTunes has detected …..) by pressing OK and now you have 2 options , the first is Search for Updates and the second, that we will use is RESTORE.


Now a “Browse your files” window will open, go and chose the firmware 1.1.1 file you have downloaded in step 1 and press open.

iTunes will start downgrading your iPhone (this takes some time) and the downgrade process will end up with an error message 1013 or 1015 THIS IS VERY NORMAL

-Next if you are using Windows Open iBrickr and chose the Option “Reboot my iPhone” to kick your iPhone out of the Recovery Mode

(Don’t forget to extract the iBrickr.rar files onto a desktop folder)

-MAC user should use iNdependence to kick the phone out of recovery mode

Now you iPhone will restart and you will have an ACTIVATION PAGE on your iPhone with the nice round World image.

STEP3 – Activate And Jailbreak

Before you complete this part MAKE SURE that the AT&T Sim card is in your phone

Now, you are on the activation screen that says slide to make an emergency call, slide to get to the keypad and then do the following:

Dial *#307# and hit call

The iPhone will now start to ring itself, once it start to ring you have to erase *#307# by using the backslash button on your iPhone and then type 0 and then CALL, the iPhone will ring again and this time hit “Answer” then hit “Hold”, the Phone will start to ring itself again, this time click “Decline”.

Now on the screen you should be able to get to the contacts menu down the bottom, tap “Contacts” and then add a contact. Use the following instructions:

Add the Name “Testing” and tap save
Tap “Add URL” and type “prefs://1F” then tap save
Tap “Add URL” again and type “” then tap save

When this is done, tap “Save” again and it will take you to the contact page displaying the name “Test” and the two URLs you just added. Tap the “prefs://1F” URL and it will open the iPhone Settings page.

Tap “General” and Then “Auto-Lock”, set it to “Never”.

Go back to the settings page

From here, tap WiFi and Add your WiFi network and make sure you are connected to it

Now, hit the Menu button to go back to the Activation Screen, slide and dial the number 0, the iPhone will now ring itself again, tap answer, then hold, then decline just like before.

Now, hit contacts again and then Testing, this time go to the “” URL
Safari will open and loan the page, PRESS ON THE TOP OF THE SCREEN TO GET THE ADDRESS BAR AND CHANGE IT TO “” and hit GO when the page loads scroll to the bottom and click on “Install AppSnapp”.

Safari will now close and your iPhone will now go back to the Activation Screen.

Once you get to the activation screen slide to get to the dial pad again and when you do this iPhone will restart by itself and thats it, your now Activated and jail broken.

STEP4 – Upgrade To Firmware 1.1.2 & Activate And Jailbreak

-Click on INSTALLER on your iPhone (Blue Icon usually the last one)
If you are asked to update your Installer please do it (if you updated don’t forget after the update installs press the HOME button, it will take you back to the SLIDE TO UNLOCK page )

-Now open your iTunes on your PC or MAC and press on the name of your iPhone in the left column, this will take you to the page with UPDATE or RESTORE buttons.

On your iPhone click on INSTALLER and press on TWEAKS 1.1.1 and press and install Oktoprep, once it is installed it will give you a message on your iPhone saying “YOUR PHONE IS NOW READY TO BE UPGRADED TO 1.1.2 ……..” press OK and then press the HOME button and it will take you back to the SLIDE TO UNLOCK.

-Your iTunes is still open on your PC or MAC now press UPDATE and iTunes will update your iPhone to FIRMWARE 1.1.2 and this time you will not get an error message like the last time when you downgraded to 1.1.1. When the Update is finished you will get a picture of a plug that will appear on your iPhone and you will have the page SLIDE TO UNLOCK but written in French

-Close iTunes on your PC or MAC

-download and unzip 1.1.2 Jailbreak from here

-In the Folder you will find the file jailbreak.jar Open it and press on JAILBREAK!

This will take some time and at the end you will get a message that says “Your Phone will reboot a couple of times …… ”

Let your iPhone reboot a couple of times until you will get back to the SLIDE to UNLOCK page


-Thanks Raffi007


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  • TrajicKaos

    Thanks It Worked Fine For Me!!!

  • mohit

    what is a turbosim?

  • TrajicKaos

    unlocks phone for different carrier sims I believe

  • mohit

    any where we can find it in india?pl let me kno

  • Haben

    I am using ibricker and i can’t find how to do the next step. I cant find the Option “Reboot my Iphone” to kick your Iphone out of the Recovery Mode. Can you help me asap?

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    try downloading

    start TouchFree by double-clicking “windows.bat”
    on Windows or “jailbreak.jar” in OS X, then click the “Boot from Recovery” button.

  • swissdude

    Im currently running on a jailbreaked and unlocked 1.1.2 iphone and everything seemed to be working fine until this week i noticed that i cant install or do updates from installer… When i want to install a package it crashes at the “installing package” process. Is there something i can do ? And also i cant acces my hotmail account but it worked like a week ago and it still works from a real computer too. Any help would be greatly appreciated !
    P.S. Everything else works perfectly (sms,phone,etc)

  • TrajicKaos

    I would have to say you should rehack you phone there should be no reason for that to happen. At least reinstall apptapp

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    make sure you have a strong Internet connection

  • TrajicKaos

    that too

  • TrajicKaos

    hey limited edition iphone forward this to the write place:
    Ok you upgraded to 1.1.3 and failed now your phone is locked (this is for OTB 1.1.2) and non of the help online relates to OTB 1.1.2 so this is what you do start off by doing this
    Watch this video and download this file:…
    now unlike that video clip your going to get an error 1015 i think it was
    next Open iBrickr and chose the Option “Reboot my iPhone” to kick your iPhone out of the Recovery Mode from here follow step 3 in this guide and you are good to go
    This Method was collaborated By TrajicKaos

  • TrajicKaos

    video link

  • TrajicKaos

    also when you use jailbreak.jar it will not work you need to first open the jailbreak.jar and click the boot phone button it will freeze just close it and open again now click jailbreak and you are good

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