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GUIDE: Downgrade 1.1.2 To 1.1.1 On Windows

December 12th, 2007 · 18 Comments · Apple, FAQ, iPhone



This is for those that want to downgrade there iPhone and baseband back to 1.1.1. Please note that this will not work with brand new out of the box iPhones that already come with firmware version 1.1.2. Also note that if you restart for iPhone with 1.1.1 and have not yet downgraded your baseband then you iPhone will restart back into DFU mode Please follow the guide bellow to downgrade your iPhone’s firmware from 1.1.2 to Put your iPhone into DFU mode (With iTunes still open and the iPhone still connected, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button until the screen turns black. Once it does, let go of the Sleep/Wake button. Continue to hold the Home button until iTunes displays a popup about the iPhone being in recovery mode. Click OK.)
2. In iTunes hold the shift key and click on ‘Restore’
3. Select the 1.1.1 firmware file and hit ‘OK’ (Download it here:…re_update.html)
4. After about 4 minutes you will get an error (That’s OK)
5. Close iTunes
6. Download iPhuc (Download it here:
7. Launch the iphuc.exe and type each of these commands on their own line and hit enter for each:

cmd setenv auto-boot true

cmd saveenv

cmd fsboot


8. Wait a few seconds and your iPhone should be out of DFU mode and at the activation screen.

***If you have an AT&T activated sim card then goto to step 9a. If not then goto step 9b***

9a. Connect to iTunes and let your iPhone activate. If your AT&T service does not work that is ok
10a. Now add your WiFi network
11a. Launch Safari and type
12a. Now go straight to step 22

***Continue if you do not have an AT&T activated sim card***

9b. Slide to reach the emergency dial screen
10b. Enter *#307# and then press call
11b. Your phone will ring itself, now use the back button on the top of your screen to remove *#307# ,
now enter 0 and press call and then answer.
12b. Press hold now and your phone will start ringing again
13b. Press Dismiss and your phone will go into the contacts/dial screen
14b. Press contacts from the bottom bar and add a contact
15b. Add a contact with a random name and homepage of: prefs://1f
16b. Save it and click on the link. This will take you straight into the settings menu of the iPhone
17b. Select ‘General’ and then select ‘Auto-lock’ and hit ‘Never’
18b. Now go back and add your WiFi network
19b. Hit the home button and you will now be taken back to the emergency dial screen
20b. Hit 0 then call then press answer and then press hold and then press decline and hit contacts and add another contact with a random name and a homepage of:
21b. Save it and click on the link. This will launch safari and take you to the appsnapp install page. Continue to step 22

22. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Install appsnapp’
23. After it installs you should have a jailbroken and activated phone with the
24. Launch installer and install ‘BSD Subsystem’ and then select the sources button at the bottom of the screen
25. Click on ‘Edit’ and then click on ‘Add’
26. Type Then OK, the sources will refresh
27. Select the install button at the bottom of the screen and scroll down where it says ‘Unlocking Tools’
28. Now install ‘BB Downgrader (1.1.2)’ to downgrade your 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 baseband
29. After it installs you have to re-flash the firmware for the changes to take affect. Repeat steps 1-5 above and then after that proceed to step 30

30. So now you should have an iPhone that you downgraded to 1.1.1 from 1.1.2 and then installed appsnapp, installer, BSD Subsystem, BB Downgrader (1.1.2) and then re-flashed the firmware again to 1.1.1 and are now back to the activation screen

***If you have an AT&T activated sim card then goto to step 30a. If not then goto step 30b***

30a. iTunes should now activate your iPhone and your AT&T should now work
31a. Launch Safari and type and install appsnapp again. That’s it!

***Continue if you do not have an AT&T activated sim card***

30b. Repeat steps 9b-27 and then proceed to 31b
31b. Select and install anySIM and follow the instructions
32b. Restart your iPhone and that’s it!

-Thanks Chadpriddle


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  • swissdude

    if I want to restore from 1.1.2 …. do I have to restore to 1.1.1 or can I restore to 1.1.2

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    you will need to restore to 1.1.1, jailbreak, run oktoprep, update, then jailbreak 1.1.2

  • swissdude

    ok and do I have to downgrade the baseband too before updating to 1.1.2 ?

  • swissdude

    I tried jailbreaking on 1.1.1 but after I hit “install appsnapp” … my phone goes back to the emergency dial screen … and 5 seconds later it restarts and goes in restore mode (iTunes says the it has detected the iphone in restore mode and on the iphone there the connect to iTunes screen) i tried to jailbreak 2 times and I got the same error

  • swissdude

    nevermind I ran Iphuc again and it works !

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  • dan

    when i launch iphunc, it gives me an error message, and wont let me type the commands.

  • Juan Espinal

    Thank for this tutorial… now i can sleep

  • Dale

    I followed the tutorial and it worked out thanks! But now my speakers won’t no sound can be heard except with headphones and when I try to switch to no sound the usual vibration is not there

  • Joaquin

    WOW everything worked just fine…for now I hope…now what do I do with all this fun stuff now ??? Thank you very much

  • Goktug

    after I use iphuc to reboot my iphone it comes to activation screen. I call emergency *#307#
    after calling I cant catch the Answer button. Phone returns to Numpad screen very quickly.

    What can I do?

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    1. enter *#307# press call, now use the back button on the top of your screen to remove *#307# ,
    now enter 0 , press call, press answer, press hold, press decline. And you get to the contact
    list. And thereafter every time you push the homebutton you just slide the “emergency call”
    slide, then enter 0 , press call, press hold, press decline.

  • sajid636

    My iPhone 1.1.2 OTB was unlocked and is working fine. However the installer application is not present on it.

    How can I install the installer application on my unlocked phone. Downgrading to 1.1.1 may not be an option because I paid thru my nose for unlocking & cant afford to lose all of that.

  • quang

    i just got a new iphone modern firmware 04.02.13_G. I downgrade to firmware 1.1.1, then I tried to downgrader my baseband and it didn’t work. It said,”error, main script execution failed”. can anyone help me with that? Thanks

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    well if you have a 1.1.2 OTB unlocked you are most likely using a turbosim or something similar. In order to get installer, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. To jailbreak a 1.1.2 iPhone you will need to downgrade to 1.1.1 and prep it for 1.1.2. You will then be able to upgrade back to 1.1.2 to jailbreak and run installer.

  • RubenRemus

    Excellent instructs! I spent the last five hours surfing iPhone hack sites for instructs after I stupidly upgraded by very modded 1.1.1 iPhone to 1.1.2 (what can I say). Nothing I read was clear, I got stuck with a bad copy of iPHUC, and I was nearly ready to call it quits.

    I’m sticking with 1.1.1 for now!

    Thanks for the help.

  • lou

    ok i got everything down.. at number 23 is were im stuck..i installed appsnapp but nothings just went straight the home screen where it say’s”Activate Iphone”…and nothings happening any suggestions?

  • Me

    wait isn’t that what its supposed to do …. My iphone says incorrect sim or something when its time to activate it and its an AT&T sim already activated

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