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Guitar Hero On The iPhone

December 18th, 2007 · 81 Comments · Apple, Applications, Games, iPhone, Mods

Gyroxide created a cool Guitar Hero Mod for the game Tap Tap Revolution. Flames actually shoot up when the notes are hit! This is really a cool mod and you can download it here or find it on my Installer Source under games. The directions to install it are included in the zip file. Make sure to check out the video below!

[youtube: 425 355]


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  • JW

    installed on 1.1.3 and works and looks fine but no songs… i download them from new tracks but they dont appear in download list… any ideas? TTR worked fine and had songs downloaded previously now they’re gone too

  • Niky_tv

    The app works but I still cannot save any song…
    I can play only when I am connected to the WiFi…
    could someone help me?
    please reply adding me on msn…my email does not work…my contact is

  • dan

    it works for me but i have a opinion and everyone agrees
    u should update it since tap tap revolution was updated not long ago
    it made it faster, exit works, and u dont have to type in a nickname everytime
    please do it and email me back to see what u think about what i said

  • dan

    k i have and opinon and everyone wants it
    i think u should update it since tap tap revolution was updated not long ago
    it made it faster, exit worked, and u dont have to put ur nickname in everytime
    its a lot better like that
    please do it
    email me cus i wanna know what u think

  • jnageer1037

    OK mine works great, thanks for the source code…i was just curious as to why the songs downloaded and played through TTR cannot be saved in the downloaded tracks section…do i need a wifi connection at all times to play songs or is there a way to get them to save on the (iPhone/iPod Touch) itself? I am using the iPod Touch so i can’t have an internet connection at all times

  • kev

    so yeah i downloaded the mod and it works perfectly when im at home…but when i go away from my home network i get a message saying that nothing matches that song in my library…and also it quits itself a lot when i try to click on a song sometimes…

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    you need to be connected to the Internet or have the song already downloaded.

  • kev

    how do i download a track thats in my library? because my friend has songs on his jailbroken ipod and he can play anywhere and i cant….

  • Cloneminds

    TTR just updated today as far as I can tell, and the Guitar Hero 3 mod no longer works.

    Any update on getting it back? I hate the TTR skin.

  • jnageer1037

    hey cloneminds…
    The update sorta overrides the existing skin (GH3), so just go to installer, uninstall the GH3 skin then reinstall it. Worked for me!

  • Estrella

    i can’t even install it /:
    help? please?
    i already have the tap tap revolution, what’s next?

  • Estrella

    why don’t u just upload the gh3 application to installer instead of doing all of this? /:
    cuz it’s really hard ):

  • wiwawi

    TTR doesnt work for me… I suppose it’s coz my songs aren’t originally from Itunes?

  • Guiillermo

    How tha can i make it work..!!!!:@

    if someone know..please send me an e-mail..



  • j dog

    Yo how do I save my beats I create

  • pablo

    “J dog” the easiest way i found was to use SSH and drag any song you wish to create a beat for, in the TTR Music folder (either var/root/Media/TTR/Music or var/mobile/Media/TTR/Music depending on model) …then when u go to “downloaded tracks” in ttr the song u added should be there followed by “(rec)” which i assume means record…all u have to do is just tap your beat again and from now on that song will be saved in Downloaded Tracks

  • SuNnY d

    It says unable to decode package…what do i do?


    Hi sunny you can actually just download it from the repo through installer

  • SuNnY d

    That website doesnt work…you have any tips or any other simple things i can do cuz im using 2.1 jail broken version…

  • SuNnY d

    That website doesnt work…you have any tips or any other simple things i can do cuz im using 2.1 jail broken version…What should i plz..

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    I have not yet updated guitar hero to work with firmware 2.1


    well sunny d i actually mistyped it should be different i will get it in a second but it wont work on 2.1 anways

  • Marc

    When will GH be up for 2.1?




    sunny d here is the repo

    Secondly, marc, ttr is pretty cool and they have to remake the guitar hero mod to work for it which could be a problem so I am guessing that you will need to talk to one of the administratos and then it hould take 3 weeks max

  • dawo

    when will 2.1version come out


    in a couple months probably I say late december or middle of January dawo

  • oscar

    I don’t know

  • mny

    alot of my apps and stuff i been tryin to get latley been saying unable to decode package i got that when i clicked on guitar hero 3 and when i try to do some sources whats wrong please help

  • touchhacker

    Wipe ur iPod and redo installer

  • Joe

    I can not seem to get Guitar hero to work is it because my software is to new I get a error

    unable to decode package

  • Unknown

    It’s Tap Tap Revenge, and not Tap Tap Revolution!!

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