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How To Use Custom Ringtones On 1.1.1

October 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Apple, FAQ, iPhone, Mods


Firmware 1.1.1 doesn’t recognize .m4a files as ringtones anymore. The .m4r ringtone files are protected, so simple renaming .m4a to .m4r just doesn’t work. The following workaround will allow you to install and use your own .m4a ringtones. After patching the MeCCA, all the .m4r files which have space as the last character of the filename (right before the .m4r part) will be treated as regular .m4a files.You will need to replace /System/Library/Frameworks/MeCCA.framework/MeCCA with a patched file

1. Download the patched MeCCA and replace the old. (make a backup of the original) Set permissions to 755 (I used WinSCP to do this)

2. Reboot your iphone. You only need to do it once after patching the MeCCA.

3. Put your .m4a ringtone into /Library/Ringtones.

4. The tricky part. You need to rename your ringtone so it will end with ‘ .m4r’. Note the blank before the dot. It will indicate that no special .m4r treatment is needed for this file. So normal .m4r files will look like ‘Tone1.m4r’ or ‘Tone2.m4r’. Custom .m4a files will look like ‘Tone1 .m4r’ or ‘Tone2 .m4r’.

5. Go to setting/sounds, select your rigntone and enjoy.

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  • Benny

    I have replaced the mecca file with the patched one but the problem is that I didn’t make a backup copy of my original. From the moment i replaced the mecca file, there is no ringtone at all, only vibrate. I’ve checked the silent mode is off and i tried to reset the phone. Still doesnt work. Any idea? Could you give me the original mecca file??


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