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iPhone 2nd Generation: Speculations And Rumors

April 11th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Apple, iPhone

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iPhone 2.0……I know that there are some crazy things on the internet about the next generation of the iPhone. Some of those rumors are ridiculous and some in fact would make sense, but in all of my searching and comparing notes, I have noticed that the next generation of the iPhone doesn’t seem to be very different from the current one. Most of the things that I have found are just little tweaks to the hardware. There is apparently no change to the OS if you compare the current iPhone to the possible new iPhone. Let me tell you about what I found:


Now, I’ll explain some of the possible hardware changes. The first is the all awaited 3G compatibility. Now, this would make a ton of sense considering that AT&T (U.S) and T-Mobile’s (U.S) EDGE network is very slow and has caused a lot of frustration among users. This was just a rumor, until some iPhone hackers dissected the new iPhone firmware (2.0 beta3). They found a line of code that read “S GOLD 3” in the bootloader. Now, this points to a 3.5G chip set by Infineon. This gives the 3G rumors a little more credibility. Let’s move on…


Now, the iPhone’s camera. The iPhone’s has a 2 mega pixel camera right now. Sources say that the new Infineon chip set will be able to handle up to a 5 mega pixel camera to be installed and used. This means that you will be able to take way better pictures and the blurriness of the pictures will be mostly eliminated. Now there is also a rumor of a camera on the front of the device. This would be used as an iSight camera for video chats.


The next item on the list is a GPS chip. Now to me, this seems very possible. The iPhone Dev Team and others have reported that firmware 2.0 will track you and store the data. This seems a little creepy Apple. Why do you want to track us? What are you planning? Anyways, this can only be done with a GPS chip installed. In my opinion, firmware 1.1.3’s introduction of the GPS like tracking in Google Maps is enough. Now, this leads to many possibilities. There are rumors of a TomTom integration to the new iPhone. This GPS rumor does have some back up, yet again firmware 2.0 beta 3 has revealed Apple’s possible plans once again. A mention of a GPS chip was in the bootloader as well.

nike and iphone

This next possibility was already reported on, Nike + iPhone. To let the readers know the general basics of this, I’ll give the rough details. Apparently, there are many rumors that have surfaced in the last few hours about Apple once again partnering with Nike to have support for the iPhone and iPod touch. Also, since the iPhone and iPod touch have Wi-Fi capabilities, there could be a sync of the running info at all times.

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Now this next rumor has some confusion. This next rumor will explain the outer shell of the device. Now, some sources say that the iPhone will be more metallic and will get rid of the plasticy like pieces. Then, there are other sources that say that the new iPhone will have a more plasticy appearance. They say that the new iPhone won’t have that metal feeling. There has been a picture on the web (above) that shows an alleged 2nd generation iPhone. I’d personally prefer a more metallic design.

The final article that I have to talk about is the price. This cool possible new iPhone will be priced as follows: 8GB $399 USD 16GB $499 USD 32GB $599 USD These prices are just rumors so far. Wait…YES I DID SAY 32GB iPhone! Apparently, Apple will release a new 32GB model. The thickness of this iPhone will apparently be 2.5 millimeters thinner. Finally to conclude this article, the new iPhone will debut at the WWDC. (World Wide Developers Conference) Now for your viewing pleasure, I will show you 3 possible models. (P.S- One of these pictures is my creation! I modified another picture to my likening. The coolest one!) Thank You! -Alan Vazquez

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