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iPhone 3G Has A Front Camera

June 20th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Apple, iPhone

3g case

Marware just released their 3G cases and they have a hole in the front where the front camera would be….


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  • david

    are you sure it is not the ambient light sensor ?

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    we will not know for sure until we get an official confirmation from Apple.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Well, actually if you look closely at the keynote, when Phil is giving the demonstration of Mobile me, you can see something stange in the corner. I have been speculating if Apple will “surprise” us with iPhone 3G. Remember, they have surprised people/ added new features before release. (Ad in some cases, they have taken features off, like the 2 pane and a feature they added was a glass screen. Originally it was supposed to be a plastic screen. Here is a video that I found on YouTube that describes exactly what I’m talking about. (I have been reviewing the Keynote and I have noticed a lot of anomalies with their iPhone 3G. More to come…

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