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iPhone Dev Team Declares Victory Over iPhone OS 3.0 & iPhone 3G Baseband 04.26.08

June 15th, 2009 · 7 Comments · iPhone

Hey everyone, am I excited to tell all of you some very interesting news. The iPhone Dev Team have released a statement just a little while ago. Well, my suspicions were proven right today as the iPhone Dev Team has claimed victory on iPhone OS 3.0!

They have stated that they have unlocked the latest iPhone 3G baseband 04.26.08 that is found in 3.0 (7A341), which will be released to the public Wednesday morning.

If this wasn’t enough I strongly believe that the iPhone Dev Team has found a new “pwnage-like” unlock. In other words, an unlock like on the original iPhone, which can be described in one word. Permanent.

The iPhone Dev Team will demonstrate their unlock method tomorrow night at an undisclosed time & an undisclosed URL which will be announced on their Twitter account shortly before the demo begins.

Also, for all iPhone Classic, iPhone 3G, iPod touch 1G, and iPod touch 2G users, prepare for an iTunes 8.2 compatible jailbreak shortly after Apple releases 3.0 to the public.

I will also be showing you all how to activate some hidden 3.0 features either Thursday or Friday, after I have jailbroken and unlocked my iPhone 3G and tested my enabling methods. I only hope that Apple kept them in the final OS. I am also going to attempt to activate Jibbler (Voice Control) and the percentage next to the battery. Voice Control has nothing to do with any special chip in the new iPhone 3G S, its pure software from what I can see.

iPhone 3G users, I would not recommend updating to 3.0 when it hits Apple’s servers until we get more information on how this is all going to go down. You may need to make custom firmware. So wait and stay tuned here for more information.

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  • salmon randa

    thanks for all of you, for the smart people.
    i’m from indonesia, my iphone had no service,
    BL = 5.09
    thank for your help

  • salmon randa

    i hope, you don’t forget to send me email about “step by step”
    thanks and selamat bekerja

  • Alan Vazquez

    Salmon Randa: You are welcome. I will also post an article here before Wednesday morning. Wednesday is a very busy day for us as we have a lot of things going on (iPhone wise). So we will be posting a few more on Wednesday on how to jailbreak 3.0, how to unlock 3.0, and complications that might be occuring, any issues, and much much more. So stay tuned. I’ll email you a link to my “how to unlock iPhone 3G baseband 04.26.08” once I write it.

  • Pyrofallout

    woot woot!! Tomorrow is gonna kick ass! Time to unlock these 3G’s and sell them to the T-Mobile users and get us some 3GS’s!

  • Alan Vazquez

    Pyrofallout: The demo is tonight. The release is most likely tomorrow. Tell me all about the 3G S once you sell enough 3Geezies to buy one! šŸ™‚ I won’t get one until they jailbreak it. (if by some miracle they can)

  • Pyrofallout

    Selling my two 3G’s will cover the cost for 2 3GS’s. I will likely hold off til the stock of the 3GS’s builds back up after the launch date. As far as jailbreak/unlock. More and more I am starting to care less and less about jailbreaking the iPhone. Running side by side a 3G that is jailbroken and one that is not I cannot stand the amount of lag and instability on the jailbroken one. All of what I want and wanted to do with the iPhone since day one is now either built into the iPhone with OS 3.0 or available in the AppStore. The only real benefit would be MobileInstallation for free apps but I do not like using cracked apps anyways because you don’t get the updates on your phone as with real purchased apps and I don’t mind paying for reasonable priced apps that make my life a bit easier.

    I am looking forward to all the benefits of the new hardware!

  • Alan Vazquez

    I see where you are comming from with this. I jailbreak because it feels like i am in control. There are many thing you can do with a jailbreak that don’t include cracked apps. I have a cool CSS signature for my limitededitioniphone email account that I just love, I can kill system processes that I don’t want running (less rebooting), enabling features so that I don’t have to buy a new iPhone 3G S. Features like voice control. Also, things simple as SSH can help a ton. It opens up the possibilities of what you can do on the iPhone.

    My iPhone does not lag. I hate themes. I never use winterboard or any crap like that because I hate the lag. Plus applications and features you just can’t on a non modified iPhone OS.

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