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iPhone In Store Processes: Leaked Information

June 29th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Apple, iPhone

Rogers 3g

Alright here we go, more leaked information. This time we basically have the entire playbook for July 11th. I must note that all of this information is courtesy of an anonymous person and I am quoting word for word. The memo is as follows:

Absolute NO’s
o No Promotions/Contests
o No Countdowns
o No Posters out of the store
o No Flyers
o No Radio remotes
o No Mailers
o No Alteration of Store Hours
o No Swag
o No Tshirts with any reference to Apple or Iphone
o No advertising until 13 weeks post launch

Store Setup Requirements for iPhone
This document outlines the initial store setup requirements that you must fulfill in order to effectively sell the iPhone in store. To ensure customers can leave with a fully functional iPhone, it must be first be “unbricked”. This process involves using the tether (a USB cable: see below) to connect/sync the iPhone to a unique ‘Activation Only’ version of iTunes via a computer. More information about the unbricking process will be provided in training (found on Fast Track and Sales Central) and you will be informed when the job aid is available.
Bricked: Default state of the iPhone, only emergency calls allowed.
Unbrick: Enabling the phone for services.
Tethering: Connecting an iPhone to a computer running iTunes.
Activation: Customer account setup and CTN provisioning which is completed in-store and is immediate. This is identical to today’s process for other wireless products.
Requirement 1) Download/Install ‘Store only version’ of iTunes
* In order to unbrick the iPhone in store (which is a requirement of the iPhone Sales Process), you must have iTunes version 7.6.3b4. Installed on your computer.
This version has a special ‘Activation Only Mode’ that must be enabled and used in store.
* The iTunes version that is currently available on the Apple website is version 7.6.2. This version does NOT have the activation only mode and as such please action the following steps to complete the installation of version 7.6.3b4:


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  • Tobiasz Osicki

    Hey there.

    I live in Calgary and I was in the mall and I saw a huge sign out side of a rogers store promoting the iPhone 3G and the July 11 release date. I even have a picture of it on my phone. So this is fake.

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    They can have ads in their store but no flyers or handouts that can leave the store.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Tobiasz Osicki: “Limited Edition iPh0ne” is exactly correct, they can’t start running ad’s for the iPhone 3G until 13 weeks after launch. but of course they can advertise it in their stores. It wouldn’t make much sense if they didn’t. This explains why we (in the US) haven’t seen any iPhone 3G ads on T.V. IDK why this is, but I’m sure they have their reasons.

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