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iPhone OS 2.2: New (Very Cool) Interface For Safari

September 25th, 2008 · 8 Comments · Apple, Apple Store, Applications, iPhone

A few hours after I reported on the new beta of firmware 2.2, also saying that there were no new changes, one of the developers was kind enough to send a screenshot of a significant change in an application. This time, it’s safari’s turn to get, yet another, UI tweak. I am personally pretty excited for this new looking safari, because it looks like the desktop version, rather than the Safari that we currently have on our iPhones and iPod touches. If I get tipped off any other new information I will post it here. Definitely more to come…


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  • hi

    hi alan im excited too! 🙂

  • tay

    wow they only changed the address bar……

  • Alan Vazquez

    tay: yeah I know but still. It’s little tweaks that count. Besides, the GUI couldn’t get more simpler than this, right? I’m sure Apple will bring more updates to 2.2 besides a small tweak here and there. I say “expect cool stuff in 2.2” mabe not copy/paste (or mabe yes, I hope so) anyways, I’m sure that they will finally get iPhone OS 2 right with this one, or in the next few updates. LOL. I guess you are right. LOL.

  • Alan Vazquez

    I bet you are Jaime. (hi)



  • Alan Vazquez

    hello person whom I have no idea who they are. and person who can’t spell my god damn name right, MAX! LOL 😀 What’s up? Like the site? Waiting for you to get the iPod touch man.


    yeah srry bout that…. but you know wut i mean… but yeah i might bee getting it soon but idk i might buy other stuff i need.

  • Alan Vazquez

    yeah. you told me about it during lunch yesterday. remember it is only $229. I don’t think you would need more than 8GB. I mean if you only sync freaking 2GB of music, then I think that 8GB is more than enough. Plus, you, Nile, and me are going to share apps remember? Now me and Nile are also sharing music, videos, etc. So you don’t have to buy as many applications.

    but again, it’s your call. I really do reccomend it to you. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to it. 😀 plus, now you can call with the iPod touch….FOR FREE!!!!! To other iPod touches or iPhones or whatever. There is an application that came out called “Fring”, it’s in the top 50 free apps, download it before it’s gone. it will let you use Skype. (That’s a free internet calling service) I just signed up for Skype today.

    So all i need to do is buy the new earbuds (with mic) that Apple is launching later this month. $30, not bad. Me and Nile are buying that when they come out.

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