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iPhone OS 3.0 beta 4 Released! iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release Required To Activate

April 28th, 2009 · 5 Comments · Apple Store, FAQ, iPhone, Unlocked


Yes everyone, just like clockwork, Apple has given us a new beta to play around with. I think that they are even more serious about having a developer only beta. You must now have the new iTunes 8.2 pre-release to activate iPhone OS beta 4. We will keep you all updated once we get this beta all loaded up sometime this (or early next week).

So far, the only difference that has been discovered is the “Store” option. It now has stuff in it! It will allow you to “View Account” or “Log Out” (also perhaps “Log In” we haven’t gotten confirmation, but it would make sense)

So stay tuned for more beta 4 lovin!


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  • Vincent

    And I’m having serious troubles with it, when installing it I get error message 10, I’v asked around in my developer-crew but it seems I am the only one having this problem so don’t hesitate to installing it 😉
    But help would be awesome
    Thnx in advance

  • TH-X

    any trouble in downgrading it?

  • Vincent

    Thats the other problem, its still on the base-band of beta 3 so downgrading is impossible, but thanx for the immediate support =D

  • Alan Vazquez

    Hey guys, I would recommend waiting until tomorrow. Also reinstsll iTunes 8.2. I am waiting until Fridayish to load it on my 3G. I have everything downloaded, but people are having issues because so many people are downloading and activating.

    It should be fine later.

    As for downgrading, if you upgraded to beta 3 at any point, you will probably NEVER be able to go back. Apple f*&^ed something up in our bootloaders (or DFU) so its not possible to go back.

    I will inform all of you of any other cosmetic changes or “under the hood” changes after I update to beta 4.

    Also for everyone who wants to update to beta 4, make sure the build number is 7A300g.

  • Vincent

    And also make sure if u have a 64bit version of windows, download the 64bit itunes, so dont be as stupid as me :p
    that saves loads of unnecessary trouble

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