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iPhone Success!

February 28th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Apple, iPhone

iPhone T-Mobile $5.99

As all of you may know, the iPhone is a huge sucess here in the U.S. This amazing multi-touch device is sweeping this nation… even the schools! At UNI, a campus in Texas, they are also giving into the iPhone craze. As of August 2008, their school will be issuing an iPhone to all new incoming students. This is not the first time a University has issued new incomming students an Apple product. Duke University a few years back started issuing all new incomming students a free iPod. UNI isn’t the only University to consider this. Apparently campusses accross this country will all be doing this. Why do this? UNI says that they are doing this to “…help students with planning their lives and keeping track of their assignments.” The school is also planning on an alert system to all students. They are going to send e-mails to students to alert them of any weather advisories, important dates, security alerts, and the teachers will send out e-mails alerting students of tests and projects due. It seems that the iPhone truly is as marvolous as it seems. If the educational system is giving into the iPhone craze…a handheld electronic device, it must be good.

-Alan Vazquez 02-28-08


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  • MiPhone4077

    I have to wonder what the universities are going to do for the students who don’t have AT&T and who are in the middle of their contracts with another carrier? Will they pay the fee for the student to break their contract with Verizon or T-Mobile so that they can switch to AT&T? Or will those students be out of luck?

  • Alan Vazquez

    MiPhone4077, UNI is also giving you the choice of getting an iPod touch. I checked and they will not pay for your bill, but remember, you can always jailbreak and unlock your iPhone for the carrier you want. As for Verizon, I think they might pick the iPod if they don’t want AT&T or T-Mobile.

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