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iPhone Touchscreen Fix: Increase Sensitivity

October 25th, 2007 · 732 Comments · Apple, iPhone, Mods

Touchscreen fix

Are you one of the many people who is having problems with your touchscreen on the iPhone? Hack you hacked your iPhone, unlocked your iPhone, or a non AT&T customer? Now that Apple’s warranty requires you to have an AT&T phone number to get your iPhone replaced or repaired, how do you fix your touchscreen problem?

There are a few options for you at the moment. You can purchase replacement parts, virginize your iPhone and try to return it, or modify your phone even more to try and fix the problem.If you are experiencing a touchscreen issue you can edit the sensitivity of your touch screen to make your iPhone more responsive. You simply need to replace your general.plist file with a modified version found here:


Modified General.plist and Touch.plist,
updated for FW3.0, tested and working on 2G iPhone.

Placed under:

1.02 Firmware general.plist

1.1.1 Firmware general.plist

You will need to overwrite your general.plist located in Applications/

The default sensitivity on the iPhone’s touchscreen is 3.5. You have the option to set it from 0-16, where 0 is the most sensitive. Recently I have had a few issues with my touchscreen and applied this modification and everything is working 10x better.

This hack may work for the majority of iPhone users, but there may be a few that will need to replace their LCD completely.

You add the code below to the General.plist:


Yost edited the General.plist file, for people who have a dead strip on the top of the screen, so that the touch option is now on the bottom right under “reset” under pref>general>touch.

(take out the “.” in the link in “rapid”)

heres the link to download it if you have a upper dead strip:…ral.plist.html

1.0.2 firmware General.plist for low dead strip:…ral.plist.html

1.1.1 firmware General.plist for low dead strip:…ral.plist.html


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  • Eva B

    Hi People, after reading this tutorial and several other forums I naively believed 1.1.1. firmware general.plist file would work the same for a 4.2.1. firmware, but alas I only got a nicely looking “touch” button in general settings that is useless. Does anyone here would kindly tell me where to find some modified general.plist file for a dead low strip iPhone 3G running on a 4.2.1..

    Thank you so much in advance !

    • uk1495

      upload the touch.plist file also to the same location where the general.plist is upoaled. i.e,

  • Hadi Danial

    Hi there! I have an iPhone 3G running on Firmware 4.2.1, jailbroken with red snow. I have an upper dead strip, at the 123 area on the numpad. This has been a problem for a couple of months now and I can’t really pay to get it fixed ATM, so I figured I’d try this out. Thing is, I can’t find a version of this for 4.2.1 on Google.
    Can I use the older version? Is there even a version for 4.2.1? I hope so! If there is, could someone please link me to it? Thanks!

  • Brandon

    I’m no 5.0 with a 3Gs and I am having all kinds of issues, is there any way to fix it for 5.0 yet?

  • mark

    This file don’t work whit ios 4.2.1, you can change the sensibility in the option, but the realy sensibility of the phone don’t change… can you do a new version for ios 4.2.1?

  • diggs

    I have an Iphone 3g jail broken in redsn0w running IOS ver 4.1 that has a dead center strip as well. I’ve looked all over and this is the only thread that has touched on the subject. Has anyone figured out the problem yet? i would greatly appreciate any information you may have found.

  • Mlyse

    The download is not availalbe. Can any one tell me?

  • lol

    my dead strip is on touch i cant slide it 😀

  • fab

    The download is not availalbe. Can any one tell me?

  • jessica gao

    We wholesale Iphone repair parts with high quality & very competitive price for several years all over the world; Hope to find a way to cooperate with you. E-catalogues will be sent if needed. Write me back or call me pls, let’s talk more in details. If not you, who? If not now, when? Thank you.

  • virgil

    hey pls send me the general.plist and touch.plist files on my mail id.. i cant download over net coz the sites are banned from letting it download.

  • AL

    When I’m talking with some one on my 3G I phone, if the screen comes any where close to my face, the “mike” icon comes on and turns off the “mike”.
    I continue to talk, but the person on the other end can’t hear me.
    It also appears, that the screen is extremly sensitive, and I wind up with a large number of pocket dials.
    Is there any thing that I can do to solve these issues?

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  • JohnCann

    New links for FW3.0 don’t work anymore, can the author fix these or is there a user that can share? Thanks.

  • jerich

    can someone re-upload the above Plist for up and down. even this thread is old still useful for someone owns 2g with screen problem


  • mike


    if u have the right settings, triple tap home button then select assistive touch, use the “pinch” option under favorites to acces the bottom of the screen by moving the lower “finger” onto the correct button it will take time but it will work, just play with it a little, and be patient, you can move your hotbar icons up to the regular screen and it will at least let you use your phone while you get it actually fixed.

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