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iTunes 7.7 Released! Bad News For Everyone!

July 10th, 2008 · 6 Comments · Apple, Applications, iPhone

iTunes 7.7 Update

Yes folks, iTunes 7.7 was released to the public today. I urge each and everyone of you to not download/install the new iTunes 7.7 version. 90% of iPod Touch and iPhone users are having significant problems with this new iTunes version. iTunes will crash if you attempt to sync an iPhone or iPod touch. So please I urge nobody to download/install this yet. Also, there has been no word from the iPhone Dev Team or anyone as to say whether this iTunes is jailbreak friendly or not. (I am guessing not) Also some users are experiencing their music missing, or even as dramatic as iTunes not opening. So please hold off until this is all resolved. I will also alert you guys as to when or how these problems are solved.

-Alan Vazquez


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  • chriscoyne

    This a a load of **** Works fine. Its your computer not being properly maintained. You just need to know what your doing.

  • Alan Vazquez

    chriscoyne- look I installed iTunes 7.7 last night and everything worked perfectly, but remember I said 90% of people. Not all. Mine works fine but I had a lot of reports of people having the problems listed above. It might have been that their computer downloaded it wrong or something, or maybe because Apple was still doing lots of updates to the App Store and when they tried to go to it, it crashed their iTunes. I am just reporting what I see or hear, and occasionally what people tell me if it’s like a public service announcement type thing.

  • chriscoyne

    OK, I understand your frustration. But your facts are not right. Where did you get 90% from? And Bad News For Everyone? And Dev Team have had a Break running on old 1st Gen iPhone and they have it working on a 3G iPhone. Yes, Apple have had problems worldwide today. And yes people are having problems today but, Your posting is misleading in your facts.


  • Alan Vazquez

    Alright look, I can accept criticism, that’s not the point. Look it is a figure of speech, just like saying “There are a billion people in line to buy the iPhone 3G” there aren’t a billion people, that’s insane. but, it makes the story a little more fun to read because it is more dramatic. (Also, I typed this up early in the day and posted it laster in the day, so I didn’t know about the Dev Team unlocking and jailbreaking the iPhone) look I can see where you are coming from and I apologize for making a “misleading” article, but things change, news is popping up and changing all the time, especially today. So yes, this is outdated, and yes I know I might have mislead you, and I apologize for that, but look I have a duty to help people, so that’s why I typed this up. That’s why I’m here. I don’t want you or whoever to have problems and wonder what the hell is going on right? So, I give you guys a heads up, that’s all. Same thing with the Firmware, I told you guys about the link, and now the official way is not working. So, I may not make as much of a difference as I hope, but at least I give it a shot.

  • chriscoyne

    OK Fair enough. I have seen your other postings about today. On feed from I get your RSS feeds. They are helpful. I get your point. HaHa. Seems like its just you and me anyway. Good luck and good work really. Chris

  • Alan Vazquez

    LOL. Well mabe everyone is just seeing what we’re going to say next. LOL. 🙂 Thanks I appreciate it. And thank you for visiting the site, we appreciate it! Check back often….we will have a little surprise for ll of you…..hint hint…

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