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My New iPod touch Can Beat Your iPhone Any Day…

November 25th, 2008 · No Comments · Apple, iPhone

“LOL, Good One.” was what somebody that you all know said to me after I told him that. Well, sir, let me explain. The new iPod touch is significantly faster due to the new Infineon processor. Not only does the new processor prevent Pwnage (as of now) but Apple has quietly boosted the new iPod touch’s processing speeds up to 532 MHz, while all of your iPhone’s (2G and 3G) and iPod touch 1G are still running at 412 MHz.

I am not sure if you have noticed this, but from the second that I compared my friend’s iPhone 3G, I immediately saw a difference. His iPhone 3G was laggy compared to my iPod touch. (Even while running the same 2.2 firmware) His iPhone 3G couldn’t open applications as fast and smoothly as my new iPod touch does. I thought that it had something to do with the new processor, but I was not sure about my speculation until I saw that somebody else had found the same thing that I had found a few weeks ago.

According to TouchArcade the new iPod touch has a processing speed of 532 MHz, and the iPhone 2G and 3G and the iPod touch 1G are still at a slow 412 MHz. Now according to a few tests opening big applications on my new iPod touch and my friend’s iPhone 3G, I managed to find a big difference between the two devices.

This is my data:

Super Monkey Ball:

*iPhone 3G – 5.83 seconds

*iPod touch 2G – 3.62 seconds (38% faster)

Real Soccer 2009:

iPhone 3G – 4.68 seconds

iPod touch 2G – 2.76 seconds (41% faster)

Asphalt 4:

iPhone 3G – 6.54 seconds

iPod touch 2G – 4.80 seconds (27% faster)

Now the new iPod touch’s processor is only 120MHz faster than the iPhone 3G’s processor. So how did I get numbers such as 38% and 41% faster? Well, the only way that this can be is if Apple upgraded the GPU as well. Please note that I only tried applications that are big in file size and that use Open GL in the application.

There is no proof to support the GPU upgrade as of now, but I believe that more people are going to try this and are going to bring out their numbers, which means more data and more accurate results.

So mysterious person that said “LOL. Good One.” believe me now?

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