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New iPod Touch Coming In September?

June 20th, 2008 · 12 Comments · Apple

iPod Touch

Yes, here we go again. A new Apple legend is (most likely) going to have an upgrade. Now, I am going to be the first to expose this story, because I have compiled many pieces of plausible information. Now, I’m not just saying that there will be a new iPod touch, but I am also going to project another price drop.

(The picture above is a screenshot that I took on my iPod touch and I Photoshopped the screenshot so that it is in an iPod touch, the screen on the picture is really what my iPod looks like! Pretty cool, huh? It’s running firmware 1.1.4! I made it look like iPhone 2.0! For more info, leave a comment or tell me what you think.

Now, let me start off by stating the obvious, yes this is Limited Edition iPhone, but this could further affect the future of the iPhone 3G. Now, let’s start with the price of both devices. iPhone 3G=$199-$299 (Well, that’s what Apple wants to make us think) and the iPod touch is $299-$499. See anything yet? Anything wrong with this picture? Let’s start by saying “Whoah!” The iPod touch is currently more expensive than the iPhone 3G! Also, not only do you not have any speakers, camera, or phone capabilities, but you have to pay for your firmware updates! So this leads me to believe that Apple will have to make another model and/or a major price drop.

Also, wouldn’t it also make sense if Apple would also release a new iPod touch just like when Apple released the iPod Touch just 3 months after official iPhone release? This would lower the iPod cannibalization in their market.

I also have another interesting fact, there seems to be a steady growth of iPod touch shortages. Just like when the iPhone rumors began. Hint. Hint. I am pretty sure that there will be a new model. So I am going to say “Here We Go Again!”

This could also prove a bit dangerous, if Apple were to lower iPod touch prices, they would have to cut iPod Classic prices, then iPod Nano prices, then iPod Shuffle prices. This would be the only way to ensure a non-cannibalistic market for Apple.

I still have other valuable leads, but I need to have some confirmation before I can share them with you all. So be sure that there will be more to come…

-Alan Vazquez


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  • iPod Republic

    Nice and insightful article. I just wrote about the same rumours on my own site actually.

    I think Apple will have to reposition the iPod Touch in some way, and the chance of that happening before the start of the main Christmas build up is very likely.

  • Alan Vazquez

    I agree. I personally hope that we can get an iPod touch with speakers…

  • Hyen

    Wow I completely agree! People are fed up (including me). It should be the other way around (iPhone 3G should be more money than the ipod Touch). Come on I mean iPhone has way more features than iPod Touch! Apple will have to announce a price drop AND a software uprade if they want to keep their iPod Touch fans! And I can assure you that will be done VERY SOON, VERY SOON! My advice: if your planning on getting an iPod Touch soon, wait a month!

  • Alan Vazquez

    Yeah. I already have an iPod touch (Well, the picture in the article is my iPod touch 🙂 and I doubt that Apple will allow us to trade up….man…this sucks! Well, atleast I’ll have firmware 2.0! (Even though it looks like I already do) (Yes, I do have 2.0 up to beta 5)

  • Hyen

    Yep, first of all Apple is trying to sell all their present stock of iPod Touch’s so that they can introduce a new generation of them without wasting the old ones no one will want after they’ve found out a better one’s coming out. And there going to have to announce a price drop if they want to keep the iPod Touch popular. Also there are many rumors that the new iPod Touch will have features like speakers, more memory, volume controls on the side and maybe a camera, I mean they answered all of our iPhone 3G dreams, right?

  • ITS ME

    you’re stupid. you HAVE to activate your iphone. so why not make the ipod touch $100 more because a month and a half of iphone 3g servive (basic) is about $90 and thats a mininum. so u cud pay for the iphone every month or buy an ipod tiuch and get a cell phone

  • ITS ME

    Plus why make the ipod touch cheeper? they ll ready represent 20% f the cmputer market and over 16% of the phone market

  • Alan Vazquez

    Why make it cheaper (to me it seems that you have no idea what it’s like to have an iPod touch compared to an iPhone) You have to hack the damn thing because to tell you the truth it is garbage without being jailbroken. It’s the truth. The lack of features is enormous compared to the iPhone. Also, you don’t “HAVE TO” do anything. That’s why we have hacktivation, unlock, and jailbreak. Also, if they make it cheaper then they can expand their market share even further because it will attract more buyers. You apparently haven’t done your homework.

  • Kara

    well should i buy an ipod touch now? its November now… am i done waiting??

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    where have you been? They did release a new iPod Touch

  • Kara

    but theres no camera on it… is there?

  • Alan Vazquez

    No. I recommend it though! I sold my old iPod touch to buy it! I am listening to it right now. (I love the new speaker) and it feels great in our hand!

    it appears that you missed my coverage on Apple’s September special event “Let’s Rock” here’s the link to my coverage:

    here’s where you can see more:

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