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New MacBooks + iTunes 8 Prevent Pwnage?

November 5th, 2008 · 3 Comments · iPhone

Hey guys, this next one is a little shocking to me. It is very unexpected. I have been hearing reports of The Pwnage Tool failing on the new MacBooks. I have heard many reports from many different people across the country, and it seems that Apple has found a way to prevent The iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage application.

So how is this even possible? Well, in order to successfully pwn your iPhone or iPod touch, it must be in a DFU state, so Apple has made it so that all new MacBooks prevent this. The iPhone or iPod touch will still be able to get into DFU mode, but here’s the kicker, the MacBook WILL NOT recognize any iPhone or iPod touch in DFU mode.

Whether this is due to hardware tweaks on the new MacBooks is not yet clear, but my guess is that Apple made a new build of iTunes that is running on these new MacBooks. This is not yet confirmed by any means, but it is highly probable. It is still unsure if this is an issue that current Mac OS X Leopard users will have to face with their outdated Macs, but at least for now, it is only affecting the new MacBook users.

So, what if these reports are 100% true? This just means that Apple is taking iPhone and iPod touch jailbreaking and unlocking more seriously than it used to. It seems that now the real battle has begun between us, in the iPhone and iPod touch hacking community, and Apple Inc. Let’s just see who will win in this 1 ½ year long cat and mouse game…

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