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One-Touch Jailbreak For iPhone And iPod Touch

October 29th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Apple, Applications, iPhone, Mods, Unlocked


This new one-touch jailbreak opens your iPhone for full disk access and installs so you can add pretty much any third party application you like. All you have to do is navigate from your iPhone to, read the directions, scroll down, and tap the button. Once you see the “slide-to-unlock” screen appear you are done. It usually takes about 30 seconds.

note: This will even activate your iPhone and bypass the whole “connect to iTunes” screen. It also knows if you are a legit AT&T customer and will not activate if you have already activated. If you still want to unlock your iPhone you can follow an easy guide here to activate, jailbreak and unlock your iPhone


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  • David P

    Question, whatt advantage is there to upgrade my phone to 1.1 I have modded the heck out of my 1.02 phone with APPS, web apps, louder volume fixes and such and not sure the reason to upgrade and do this, can someone tell me, thanks all

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    the only reasons I did was for the volume fix, which seems better than the hack. The mobile music store, the double tap period, and the double tap home button that controls music and contacts. I do see my phone freezing a lot now though

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