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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

May 13th, 2008 · 4 Comments · Applications

Reverse cell phone lookupEver wanted to know who’s number that is that you see on your partner’s cell phone? Do you receive harassing calls from an unknown caller and want to find out who it is? A reverse cell phone lookup will provide you with a ton of information and give you the ability to remove your personal information from public data sources so that others cannot access it.


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  • Pyrofallout

    They are going trying to sell both ends? Here, pay us $40 to be able to lookup phone numbers, oh and also pay $5 and we will get your information out of the database. That way once all of our customers buy or package our business will be useless because everyone will have the ability to search a database that contains no one?

  • Pyrofallout

    I honestly considered for a second, thought it would be kind of cool to see who’s calling me. But my $40 is for nothing if people start blocking their number. Also the way they stated getting your number blocked seemed more like they would give you information on how to do it (that possible is free elsewhere) rather than they would remove you from the database. Thanks for posting this site though LEI!

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    you actually do not block your privacy from every database. They just remove your information from their database for the $5

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