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Review: iPowerRush For iPhone And iPods

January 7th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Apple, iPhone


I received a sample of the iPowerRush and have had an opportunity to test it out. This is a very convenient item to have when you are traveling and have no access to a charging outlet. The iPoweRush is priced at $29.95 with free shipping for the month of January!The iPowerRush is really a great product for any iPod or iPhone. The iPowerRush can increase the runtime of your iPod or iPhone by 10-15 hours with the power of 6 standard Alkaline batteries. The iPowerRush has and on and off switch as well as a three indicator status lights.

Currently the iPowerRush is not packaged all fancy but it does its job. It currently just has a sticker on the shell but that will most likely be replaced as the product becomes more popular. The iPowerRush is brand new an you can expect to see it at the apple store soon!

– 10-15 hours of extended battery life
– powered by 6 standard Alkaline batteries so you never need a wall to charge your iPhone or iPod.
– small and lightweight. Its about the size of an iPod mini.
– Three light battery indicator status.

– Labeling and packaging are not that fancy.
– Uses 6 AAA batteries.

Overall this is a really handy product for anyone on the go who will not have access to an outlet or anyone that whats to squeeze more life out of their favorite Apple iPhone or iPod product. I did get stopped at the Airport Security Clearance. They asked me if I had a 9Volt battery in my bag. Turns out that with 6 AAA batteries lined up together it looks like a 9V battery to them. When I went through the next security check point I just left all of the batteries out of the iPowerRush so that I would not get stopped again. All they did was open the iPowerRush up to confirm that it was OK to be on an airplane.


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