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Review: Mophie Juice Pack Air For iPhone 3G

May 22nd, 2009 · 2 Comments · Apple, iPhone


Hey everyone. Its been a while since we have reviewed anything from mStation/Mophie, but on Monday, my white Juice Pack Air arrived to me courtesy of Mophie, Max Borges Agency, and Matt! (Thanks a ton for helping us out again Matt!)

So like I had mentioned, I have had the pleasure of reviewing Mophie’s latest creation, the Mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 3G. Just like all of the other Juice Packs that Mophie has released, they give you twice the battery for doing things on your iPhone 3G such as surfing the web over Wi-Fi, EDGE, and 3G, sending and receiving e-mail, downloading content, texting, talking, listening to your music, and much much more.

So what’s so cool about the Mophie Juice Pack Air? For me, the number one reason is that it will allow you to be on-the-go without having to carry a wall charger or a USB cable everywhere you go. Before I had a Juice Pack, I would have to carry my wall charger or a USB cable and hope that there was an outlet or a computer nearby that I could use.


Next is that the Mophie Juice Pack Air is a full body case for your iPhone 3G! This was a plus for me. Not only does it let you use your iPhone all day without charging, but it also protects your iPhone 3G. For many people, including me, our iPhones are priceless. I am lost without it as I have all my 150+ contacts, email accounts, media, calendar events, and much more information that I very often use on a day-to-day basis. So a full body case is a great way to protect our iPhone 3Gs and their content stored inside of them.


Another way cool feature is the fact that the Mophie Juice Pack Air also has a switch on the bottom to put the Juice Pack into “sleep mode” so that your iPhone’s battery is used up before the Juice Pack’s battery is. This is very useful. I am not quite sure if any of the previous iPhone Juice Packs have had this switch as the iPhone 3G is my first iPhone, and the iPod touch Juice Packs did not have this feature.


Another feature that has always existed in the Mophie Juice Pack line are the four battery indicator lights. The lights show you how much juice your Juice Pack still has left. Again, another way cool feature that is also very useful when you are on-the-go.

Something that I consider to be a “feature” is the fatness of the Juice pack and the light-weight design. At first glance, I saw the Juice Pack Air, and I saw it to be very clunky, but once I started actually using it it became more of an advantage than a flaw. The reason I say this is because you can grip it better.


If you like playing high quality games on your iPhone such as Need For Speed: Undercover, Asphalt 4, Rolando, Cro-Mag Rally, Super Monkey Ball, and even Pocket God, you will agree. The thickness of the Juice Pack is big enough to get a good grip on the iPhone so that you can maneuver your car better. The additional plastic where the word “mophie” is, on the front, also lets you grip the iPhone without accidentally clicking the home button. Clicking on the home button in the middle of a race is both annoying and frustrating, so the Mophie Juice Pack has you covered in the gaming aspect of it as well, even though they don’t publicly advertise this.

Now to something that some people would consider it a huge design flaw, or to some like me who don’t mind it. The fact that in order to sync or charge your iPhone with the Juice Pack on, requires you to use the included mini-USB cable, instead of the Apple standard 30-pin dock connector. I don’t really mind this as the iPod touch 1G’s Juice Pack had this all along (and so did the iPod touch 2G’s Juice Pack), so I got used to that being there.

Other than that small “flaw”, I still give this a 10 out of 10! Why so high of a rating? Let me explain. I love the Juice Pack’s full body case, its access to all of the ports and buttons on the iPhone (as well as the touch screen and home button), its on/off switch, its game advantages, and much more. The USB cable isn’t an issue for me so I won’t count this against the Juice Pack or Mophie.

But still, the biggest reason is the portability and the extra battery life. Mophie has always advertised “virtually twice the battery” but according to all of my very exaggerated tests, I still get somewhere between 2 and 3 TIMES the battery! This has always been the case for me since the very first Juice Pack that I reviewed (the Juice Pack for the iPod touch 1G).

I put this thing through a few normal days, for me, a lot of internet usage, lots of texting, gaming, and e-mail. Then I put it through a couple of days through excessive usage. I had 3G on or I had Wi-Fi on and I was doing everything that I said above and it still pulled through the entire day from the time I wake up at 6:30 am to the time I went to bed at 12:00am. This is incredible!

Normally, my iPhone won’t get though 2:00pm alone, that’s only 8 1/2 hours of usage. (average). Now with the Juice Pack I get another 10 hours!!! That is more than 2 times the battery. 18 1/2 hours of battery life on Wi-Fi, EDGE, and 3G is excellent! My test also include playing very battery consuming games such as Need For Speed: Undercover.


Now I hope you can all see why I give the Mophie Juice Pack Air a 10 out of 10! The Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 3G can be bought at Apple Stores worldwide and at These sell for $79.99, $20USD less than the original Juice Packs. They come in black, white, and purple.

I highly recommend this to everyone who owns an iPhone or iPod touch. You won’t have to worry about your iPhone or iPod touch dying on you ever again. The Mophie Juice Pack Air also doesn’t interfere with any of the speaker or mic functionality. This separates the Juice Pack Air from all other cases. I even think that sound is better with the Juice Pack Air because all of the sound is directed towards your face instead of downwards.


Alright guys, that’s it for my review on the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 3G, once again, I would like to thank Mophie for making such a great product and Matt and all of the people down at Max Borges Agency thank you for allowing us to review this great product! We appreciate all of your help!

UPDATE: I will add some more higher resolution pictures on Tuesday! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Peace!

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  • Mcmuffin

    Is there one like this for the ipod touch?

  • Alan Vazquez

    Yep. Mophie has a Juice Pack for every iPhone and iPod touch. Remember the Juice Pack that I had on my iPod touch 1G, way back in the day?They are $99 and just go to Jordan Creek and you can buy them there. Or buy them at mophie’s website.

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