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Solution For EDGE Settings Not Saving On v1.1.1 iPhone

October 22nd, 2007 · 36 Comments · Apple, FAQ, iPhone, Mods

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An issue with the v1.1.1 update is that the carrier EDGE settings are no longer permanently saved when entered through the Settings->General->Network->EDGE screen.

Basically, whenever the iPhone is restarted or rebooted, the EDGE settings disappear.

The solution to this for me was to SSH/SCP into the iPhone and edit the /var/root/Library/Preferences/ file. This file should already be in XML format, and shouldn’t need to be converted…. Just look for the section that specifies the APN settings and fill in the blanks appropriately, for example:



<array> <dict> <key>apn</key> <string>your apn</string> <key>password</key> <string>your password</string> <key>username</key> <string>your username</string> </dict> <dict> <key>apn</key> <string>your apn</string> <key>password</key> <string>your password</string> <key>username</key> <string>your username</string> </dict> </array>

(Fill in the bold settings with your carrier’s appropriate information).

-Thanks Jhollington


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  • Euroclie


    On my iPhone, the /var/root/Library/Preferences/ file is actually a simlink to the /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support/UnknownCarrier.plist.

    Not that it matters much, but it may be “cleaner” to change the CarrierMap.plist file in the same directory, add new entries to the list (it currently holds only AT&T / Cingular settings) and create the appropriate .plist file for your carrier?

  • winston smith

    Euroclie, i’ve tried doing just that. using UnknownCarrier.plist as a template and ATT_US.plist as a guide, i created ROGERS_CA.plist. using MCC-MNC codes i dug outta the internets, i then edited CarrierMap.plist to point to my rogers canada plist file. no luck. it all looks good here, only thing i can figure is that i haven’t got the right mcc codes. any more ideas how to do this right?

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Winston does my original method not work for you?

  • Adel

    Thank you very much for this method!! it works!


  • Josetann

    winston smith: You need to remove your Rogers SIM and put in another carrier’s SIM (I put in the AT&T one that came with my phone), wait a few minutes, then put your Rogers SIM back in. Now it’ll pick up your settings in your ROGERS_CA.plist (worked for me using T-Mobile).

  • Richard

    Can you guys give me a step by step instructions on how to edit edge setting for iphone.
    I’m on Rogers canada

  • Limited Edition iPhone



    paste that into: /var/root/Library/Preferences/ file

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    sorry the code did not paste. Anyways edit the file with rogers information

  • Cory

    Hey, I am having this same problem with my iPhone only it’s running 1.0.2??? Has anyone else run into this or know how to fix this??? The var/root/Library/Preferences/ file doesn’t exist on my phone. Thanks everyone!

  • Sparky10

    Hey, I’m trying to put a second APN on my iphone…can anyone help with the code? Thanks.

  • Narry

    I edited the : /var/root/Library/Preferences/ file however the APN settings still do not work. I rebooted the phone and double checked to see if the file is still edited. The coding is there howvere still no success in surfing!! Thanks

  • Marlboro

    Another Solution is:
    backup UnknownCarrier.plist and then delete it from iphone. Shut down phone. insert your AT&T sim card..and then reboot. After than insert you own SIM and change APN to your fovourite. restart the iphone and now it remain always..

  • Robert


    Alright I unlocked my iphone myself and I am going to get EDGE myself. I have firmware 1.1.1 and the only thing I don’t know how to do is get to the place where I paste /var/root/Library/Preferences/ file

    Is this in the “general’ settings or is it somewhere else?
    If you have the time and could give me step by step instructions on how to get to the place where to paste this, and how to paste it for that matter, that would be groovey.

  • Robert

    oh yeah I use T-mobile
    I have the $60 a month plan that gives me 600 minutes and unlimited internet…do you know any better carriers plans if I want to use my phone as a phone and the internet as well? I got Skype (paid those Germans $5) but the program doesn’t work.

  • Tariq

    come on guys, great tips but dont forget some of us trying to sort this problemsout on our new unlocked iphones are not exactly fully fledged programming experts!

    Im going to try and do what you have advised limited edition and i only hope i dont fully screw up the phone.

    Now what does SSH/SCP into the iphone mean? I assume you mean just get into the system files like on a pc? but how?

    I have downloaded that carrier setting advise and im going to try that now.

    Please advise people, us less techy people need more step by step help…..

  • Tariq

    oh and i forgot to mention, im dont have a mac, im using windows xp on my pc. so factor that into any advise that gets hurrled my way…

    cheers people.

  • Robert

    I ensure you this works!!!!!
    I have an iPhone with a T-Mobile minutes and data plan and this is what I am using for EDGE

    Press ‘Settings’
    Press ‘General’
    Press ‘Network’
    Press ‘EDGE’
    Press ‘APN’
    —enter on the keyboard after you press APN :

    Press ‘return’ on the keyboard and then exit by pressing ‘Network’ at the top left of the screen or by pressing the button on the bottom of your iPhone
    (Do not put anything in the username and password under APN…leave them blank)

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    1. Open installer, and install the update if prompted.
    2. Go to sources and tap Edit and Add
    3. Add this URL:
    4. Tap Done and then Refresh
    5. Go to Install (at bottom) and scroll down to the Unlocking Tools category and click the edge settings fix

  • charles

    Thanks for your forum, LEi. I’ve run “Unlocking Tools, EDGE settings fix ” on my 1.1.1 iPhone with 04.01.13_G. And nothing. I sometimes get an “E” on the top but the phone doesn’t actually get edge service (no maps, safari etc.). Is there some undoubtedly small but significant step i am missing? The APN settings just don’t stick (i.e. not there when i go back). THANKS!

  • fer

    Hi. I want to enable tzones as well but dont know much. Where do I enter the code? on the iphone or the mac? how do I rigth to root. Be more especific for the no techies like me. thank you.

  • Shawn


  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Are you on Version 1.1.1 still? It so upgrade to 1.1.2

  • ab

    I’m on 1.1.1 but when I go to General Settings -Network I don’t have EDGE nowhere??! I have VPN, WI-Fi and Data roaming options. Phone is unlocked. Any help is appreciated.

  • fairs

    I’m on 1.1.2 but when I go to General Settings -Network I don’t have EDGE option! I have VPN, WI-Fi and Data roaming options. Phone is unlocked. Thanks in advance

  • linise

    Solution For EDGE Settings Not Saving On v1.1.1 iPhone

  • MT

    Can ANYONE HELP!!! i have a 4g unlocked i phone. when i bought it i was told that it used TZones to access the interent. So heres the problem.. The phone works fine when i am around a wirless connections.. it just seems to pick up, but as soon as i go somewhere else (on the road, restauraunt, school) i can’t get internet. I tried going to > Network> EDGE> and under APN putting, but still no luck…HELP!!

  • Meron

    i m a PC user and would like to do what you say here but i have no clou how to so,
    can you pleas explain a step by step
    how to make the EDGE Settings Save On v1.1.1 iPhone ?

  • Dani

    The same problem here with 1.1.4 ! The iphone goes home when you write something in APN field under edge settings. No var/root/Library/Preferences/ file there. Anyone ?

  • Meron

    any idia on how to make the EDGE Settings Save On v1.1.1 iPhone ?
    none of the above is working !!
    pleas i need your help,

    best regards

  • dani

    For 1.1.1 I don’t know but for my problem it solved out by reseting the network setting from general menu . You should try this too.good luck! Oh, there might be a fix in installer for your problem . Try google it if you don’t find it in your installer menu

  • TurKessa Houck

    Help! I upgraded to version 1.4 via ziphone from 1.3. Will someone PLEASE be kind enough to help me edit my EDGE setting for the OLD Blue ATT? Basically walkthru the steps with me very basic. I would greatly appreciate it. THANKS

  • nosher

    Hi all.Bought my phone from USA with Modem version from November 07 on with 1.1.2 firmware. Have done the unlock through Ziphone with 1.14 firmware. Can phone and use SMS but my EDGE settings are not activated.Can use Wi-Fi. Im on O2 uk sim but I have VPN settings in Network, not APN. Can anyone help. PLEASE!

  • searche

    you need to have the edge icon on the screen before the APN gets visible in the settings network menu. if you have airplane mode on or no gsm network activated with gprs coverage.. you will not be able to access the edge settings menu. I do have the 1.1.1 version.. it works in the beginning.. if you add-on a few applications… this will result in the malfunction of the edge settings!.. upgrade is a solution!

  • arthur

    i really need help to set up my edge network settings, i have trouble shooted this many times and can not get my iphone ver1.1.1 to save my apn settings, every time i enter the apn and hit return my phone goes back to main screen and does not save can any one help me

  • ibrahim

    how can i subscribe to a cellular data service
    and what is VPN and APN

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