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T-Mobile My Faves On Your iPhone With Icons

October 5th, 2007 · 22 Comments · Apple, iPhone, Mods

My Faves

If you would like to have your My Faves on your iPhone or just have a quick icon or 2 to quickly call a favorite number check out iPhone Apper. iPhone Apper is mainly used to create icons on your home screen(springboard) that let you quickly open an internet application. When you see “http://” replace it with “tel:xxxxxxxxxx” where xxx is phone number you want. You then just upload the .png file and it will make the app for you. You can put a dummy number in their and then change it later on too because it shows the recently created apps on the website. Make sure to chmod755 all of the files in the app! Thanks to X-Ception


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  • sunny501

    Hi can you please guide me step by step how to do the myfav and all the kool stuff i just got my iphone and plz help me get some kool stuff…

  • Kipp

    I can’t seem to get your app to work. Any insight is helpful. I am filling in as you recommend and I get an error every time.

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    use mozilla firefox or another browser Internet explorer will give you errors

  • Adrian

    how do you edit it later?

  • Adrian

    Does it work for 1.1.1. I installed the app but it doesnt show up on springboard

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    you need to chmod 755 all of the files inside the .app

  • Adrian

    i did it still didn’t show up on springboard

  • gat

    if we hack/unlock the at&t iphone to tmobile, will myfaves work even if we don’t use the app? in other words, can I just call someone from my phonebook that’s already in my faves and have it be a free call still? and I will just change myfave choices via the tmobile website?

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    yes it will work its based in the number you dial. Above is just a 1 button call.

  • Mike

    Little confuse on the where you put the info, do u open a browser and then do or u have to jailbroken ur phone let me know thx

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    you need a jailbroken iphone

  • chris

    hey is anyone on here available to show mr how to upload photos to a .PNG file that’s the part I can’t figure out when trying to make an icon

  • May

    im curious, do i do all this work in my computer? or i can just use wifi on my iphone? Also what does chmod 755 mean and how do i do that??? last thing…how do i get that “myfaves” logo on my spring board??? thanks

  • Lauren

    I have the sidekick lx and im looking at the iphoone 3g, can it be unlocked for tmobile? and when i use the iphone I will still beable to use my faves and nothing will change?

  • Pablo

    i called tmobile and they said that my faves would not work on the iphone if i have this app will my faves actually connect to their service and work?

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    My faves works with the iphone. You just pick 5 numbers that you want and whenever you dial them you will get unlimited calling.

  • mike

    the only thing a my faves phone does is let you change your faves to new numbers from the phone. Your numbers can be changed through t-mobiles website

  • GeNo

    SO pretty much all this is, is to have some icons for fast dialing. Cant actually update your fave 5 list or anything… I just use favorites in that calling section for that…. double clikc home button and bam… a fave 5 list

  • misspink1

    ok so im tired of sprint.. i want the iphone and also the g1. but im thinking tmobile is cheaper then ATT. okay. i have the google grand central program where someone dials a # and it rings to your cellphone. i wanted to put this google grand central # on my faves so technically i have free incomming if everyone calls me on that #.

    so do u think the iphone is more expensive then the g1 internetwise and planwise or are they the same price.

  • flax

    I have an iPhone on T-Mobile and love it. I am just wondering how I add myFaves to my T-Mobile account? It doesn’t show up online. Does it usually cost more to add it? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Not sure if t-mobile still offers myfaves. Call them and see

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