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This Week: Apple Rumors & Revelations

April 21st, 2009 · 6 Comments · Apple, iPhone

Alright everyone, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything and I think its time to let you all get some of the little tid bits that come are way that haven’t made the cut to be on the site.

So here we go!

The first has been 100% confirmed, this is that AT&T is doubling the speeds of their 3G network on a massive scale. They are increasing their theoretical max speed of 3.6mb/s to a theoretical 7.2mb/s.

So why is this so important? Well, AT&T has increased their network every time Apple is about to launch a new iPhone. In 2006 – 2007 AT&T increased their EDGE network on a massive scale (remember the original iPhone is EDGE only), then in 2008, AT&T also massively increased their 3G network (to accommodate the iPhone 3G) and now, another massive increase!

We have also received word that the next iPhone will have a new chipset that will support 7.2mb/s on 3G. So I believe that we can pretty much confirm that rumor. The next iPhone will be way faster than the iPhone 3G, (data speed wise).

The next little tid bit is a new camera for the iPhone. Apple has placed orders for tons of 3.2 mega pixel cameras. Everyone with an iPhone will know that the camera is one of the weakest points of the iPhone. I can pretty much confirm this as well.

Next up, a MacBook Tablet?! Yes ladies and gentlemen. Apple has placed orders for 10 inch touchscreens from Wintec. Now Wintec is the company that produces the touchscreens for the iPhone and iPod touch so we may be seeing an iPhone OS enabled tablet soon. Apple has ordered these new screens for the end of the third quarter of this year.

I do not expect an announcement at WWDC of a new tablet, but rather later in the year at a special event.

Next is that China Unicom has confirmed that they will be getting exclusive rights to sell the iPhone. That opens up the market to 2 BILLION more people!!! WOW!

The next is one about (my favorite person) Steve Jobs. Sources are indicating that he is doing better and will most likely be at WWDC 2009 giving the keynote on June 8th.

Sources also indicate that he is also actively leading the new MacTablet project, iPhone 3rd Gen project, and the upcoming Mac OS X Snow Leopard. So I hope to see him there at 9am (pacific time/ 11am central time) on stage.

These next couple are new features in iPhone OS 3.0, first up is video recording. Video recording can pretty much be a confirmed thing. More references have been found in iPhone OS beta 3.

Next is voice recognition, this is another (pretty much) confirmed feature. Tons of references have been found in iPhone OS 3.0 beta 3. All of these, however, refer to “SB”, we all know what that means, voice recognition will be a attachment. (Along with Spotlight).

So it seems that Apple is now using SpringBoard as a, well, spring board to propel 3.0 into greatness.

Aright everyone, these are all of the (worth noting) little tid bits for you guys. We will keep you all updated on some pretty cool stuff that we are going to do for you guys in the cumming weeks.

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  • Pyrofallout

    “We have also recieved word that the next iPhone will have a new chipset that will support 7.2mb/s on 3G. So I believe that we can pretty much confirm that rumor. The next iPhone will be way faster than the iPhone 3G, (data speed wise)”

    This interview with AT&T VP of Technology claims that the iPhone already supports those speeds.

  • Chewie

    lets hope steve makes a full recover.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Chewie: yeah, I hope so too.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Pyrofallout: Yeah, and they also told me that the iPhone 3G didnt work unless I had a 2 year contract… I’m on a GoPhone PAYG account on AT&T. (No unlock) They are stupid. I don’t trust them one bit. They’ve lied about so much crap. They don’t have good communication at all with Apple.

    Last year, when the iPhone 3G was releaseded (3 weeks after) I called to see wat the plans were like and they told me “a new iPhone has not been released or announced, this is just speculation or rumors”.

    I think that says it all, don’t you think?

  • Pyrofallout

    No doubt. A lot of the people @ AT&T are dumbasses. But that statement was per the VP of Technology. While it could still be incorrect, I think he may be a fairly trustworthy source as far as knowledge of AT&T’s technology and equipment capabilities.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Pyrofallout: Yeah, I guess. Theoritically (by their “knowledge”) I called Apple and they connected me to one of their engineers and they say that the iPhone 3G does not support those “theoretical speeds”. So I’m not sure what to tell you man.

    Possibly AT&T’s VP is saying their network can provide 7.2mb for the iPhone, that doesnt necessarily mean that it (officially) supports those speeds. I’ll look more into this, but as far as I (or my sources know) the iPhone 3G only supports upto 3.6mb of 3G speed.

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