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UPDATE: Progress Report…

July 8th, 2009 · 65 Comments · iPhone

Hey everyone. Well, as I had said earlier, I was attempting to enable “Jibbler” (voice-control), Accessibility, and “Victoria” (Nike+) and that I had found some “references” to some strange things that I had found. Well, I think its about time that I update everyone on my progress.

Well, before I start, I would like to thank MuscleNerd and GeoHot for the killer iPhone 3G S ramdisk key, and a thank you to Mike (Limited Edition iPhone) for decrypting the 3G S firmware (due to me being on a PC, I could not have decrypted it without him and his Mac).

Alright, well, status report on “Victoria” (Nike+ support), to tell you the truth, I haven’t really been working on this as extensively or rigorously as “Jibbler” or Accessibility. I have the files to attempt to enable “Victoria”, but I won’t get to this until I resolve the other issues first.

Next up, Accessibility. Well, thanks to the iPhone 3G S OS dump, I have the necessary frameworks and bundles on the 3G successfully. The problem is, I can’t get it to work! The Accessibility pane in the Preferences application (Settings) shows up, but when you try to get into it, it just shows a blank settings panel. I have the bundles in place, but no effect whatsoever. I am still trying to get this to work, but it will take some time.

Next, is “Jibbler”. Now “Jibbler” is my main focus, I have added (what I believe to be) most of the files necessary to use it, frameworks, bundles, and SpringBoard plugins, but nothing! I looked inside of a launch daemon file for voiced, and it said I needed a from the preferences folder inside of var/mobile/library. It seems that I still need files from a real (jailbroken) iPhone 3G S.

Now, some good news, I have managed to enable one thing (that I didn’t even know the iPhone 3G S actually had enabled from Apple) its a battery indicator. I found this a long time ago (I think bigboss put it into his SbSettings app). I found this in 3.0 beta 2. Its called the gas-gauge-battery, just add this to your M68AP.plist and set it to true. Then respring. Now go to Settings->General->Usage and turn “Battery Percentage” on.

I also found something that increases the overall performance of your camera. Now, this may or may not work for you, but I actually saw some improvement (I’m pretty sure its not my imagination). Add auto-focus-camera to your N82AP.plist in System/library/CoreServices/ and then set it to true. Now respring, and check out your camera. It won’t give you the little blue box, but I found it to increase the cameras performance, by slightly reducing blur when you move the camera around.

Now to some references I found. Well, I can confirm an iPod touch 3rd generation. I found boot sequences and other nice little hardware scripts in the 3.0 software. They reference an iPod 3,1 model. I can also say that the next iPod touch will have a camera. Now, I can’t say it will be a regular old iPhone 3G or EDGE camera or an iPhone 3G S camera, but if I were Apple, I would add a 3 mega-pixel auto-focus camera like on the 3G S that would also be video capable.

To close this update, I want to say that I found a “sensitive-ui” reference in the OS. I have not found anything that would need this capability, but this may reference a new touchscreen. Apple filed for a patent on where you could feel what you were touching by the touchscreen moving (and having bumps where the application had controls).

So thats it for now. Not much to report, but I am working on it as diligently as I can. If you have an iPhone 3G S and would like to help me (and all other iPhone owners), restore the firmware to 3.0, and jailbreak. Install OpenSSH, and using an SSH client, go to the / directory (root) and make a folder in your desktop, and name it 3G S firmware.

Then, hit “select all” in the root directory, and drag everything to the folder, when its done, zip up the folder (to reduce size), and upload it somewhere, I really need your firmware in order to make voice-control (and everything else I talked about) available to us non 3G S users.

Don’t worry, I’m not interested in your personal data, so don’t sync your 3G S at all when transferring the filesystem to the folder. (plus it reduces the .zip file’s size if it doesn’t have your media or data on it).

Thanks guys. If you have anything to tell me about this, email me at

Thanks everyone!

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  • Truehybridx

    Lol still flings error about can’t open remote file this or that but I’ll get it sometime lol

  • Chris


    Where do I put the ‘zddwra.plist’ in the 3G Filesystem?
    I really want to get Accessibility & Voice Control working on my iPhone 3G, The Video Camera is less important, but still wanted!.

    I have placed all of the files in the right places, added the custom ‘vot’ file and ‘VoiceServices’ file and still nothing! the Menu shows up under ‘International’, but it is empty.

    Please help! anyone! I think the CPU Check needs to be fixed, so its looking for ARM6 not ARM9, I wish someone from Apple would discretely release the source for the Camera App, Voice Control and other things.


  • HUGO

    so is there any more updates on the accessabitly options or the nike app?

  • pagaman1


  • HUGO

    so whats new, i am really intrested in this

  • pagaman1

    New download link for Video Edit Togle

    You have to have SBSettngs installed, and once you install the toggle and respring your phone just bring up the SBSettings menu and enable the VideoToggle. Your phone will respring and all the videos you have taken with Cycorder will appear in your phones camera roll when you access it via the camera app.
    You will be able to edit the files and save them. I haven’t been able to send any videos via email or any other methods.. For some reason my phone just freezes at the “compressing video” step.

    If you purchase/use iphonevideorecorder you can set the app to encode videos so that you can get the individual frames to show up in the native video editor. Otherwise just use Cycorder and edit the video without the frame by frame editing. I believe you have to make sure videos are being encoded in .MP4 format.

    I can’t seem to get past the “Compressing Video” stage when trying to send a video. Does anyone have any suggestions or fixes for this issue.

    One other note about the VideoToggle, You need to disable it before taking any new video or photos and then re-enable it each time in order for the new photos and videos to show up in the camera roll.

  • hugo

    wow way to steal this from the modmyi thread, loser

  • Alan Vazquez

    hugo: oh please. One of our readers put that on Modmyi and hackint0sh, get your facts straight. I’ve been on this project the day the 3G S was released. I’ve been working on iPhone OS 3.0 features since iPhone OS 3.0 beta 2, thank you very much.

    Ask anyone that actually knows anything about this.

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Everyone has tried to get this work since the Betas. Nobody is stealing anything…

  • Nate Matthew

    Dude, modmyi wasn’t the first place have a thread like this. So it’s not stealing. And I have also been trying to get the features enabled since 3.0 beta 2 like Alan. So do some research before saying stuff.

  • hugo

    are you kidding, i was contributing to the very thread that came out with the toggle, and thats the exact one, but anywasy lets forget that, i want the feaures this guy is working on

  • pagaman1

    I did not steal
    I just gave share to the others

    and hugo i am the first to discover the video editing on iphone on June 23, 2009
    look here moron
    and here

    I am just trying to help you…

  • pagaman1

    everything you did was to ask questions on this forum….so what you have contributed to this???

  • Pagaman1


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