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Upgrade To iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 & Say Goodbye To 2.2.1!

April 22nd, 2009 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Yes everybody, this is true. It seems that Apple doesn’t want people to have the ability to downgrade anymore. This could be accidental or it could have been 100% intentional, either way, developers are in trouble.

Apple has stated that they “might” fix this in a later seed. Basically, what happened, was that they killed backwards compatibility with anything between 1.0 – 3.0 beta 2! This is a big issue for anyone that has updated to iPhone OS 3.0 beta 3.

Apple has also stated that you cannot develop any applications with 3.0 beta 3 for 2.2.1 consumption. Like I said, big issue here. Almost all developers are on 3.0 right now, so this could get a little ugly.

No one is exactly sure what Apple changed to kill off all compatibility with 3.0 beta 2 and under, but I do have some theories. I believe Apple must have reflashed the bootloader or something in the boot sequence (or DFU) which killed off backwards compatibility.

There is a baseband update in the firmware, but I know this is not the cause. I know this because iPod touch users are also subject to this issue of incompatibility with anything 3.0 beta 2 or below. As you all may know, the iPod touch has no baseband (because it really doesn’t need one, because it doesn’t make calls over the cell network).

So I will keep you all informed on this. So if you are on iPhone OS 3.0 beta 2, I suggest downgrading and abandoning the 3.0 beta ship until they get this resolved.

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  • TH-X

    soo they actually rigged it to where you cant downgrade from 3.0?? wtf are they trying to do? piss us off?

  • Alan Vazquez

    Yeah. They did. They are trying to stop any unlock. They dont want people to eventually downgrade their basebands, or they have something in store for us hackers… I have a bad feeling about this….

  • Jason


    could you please give the source information(apple discussion thread or support thread for the above information), please?

    Thanks for keeping us in touch.

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