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Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone 3GS, 3G, And 2G

August 1st, 2009 · 21 Comments · Apple, Applications, iPhone, Mods

Winterboard iPhone 3GS

There are many advantages that out way the disadvantages of jailbreaking you iPhone. Below is a list of 10 reasons to jailbreak your iPhone.

iRealQuickSMS -The most useful app of all that Apple definitely needs to implement into their next firmware. Lets you reply to a text within an application. This is a huge time saver.

Backgrounder -The closest thing we have to multitasking. Lets you run applications in the background. Perfect for music apps like Pandora and iHeartRadio.

Notifier iPhone 3GS

Notifier -Notifications for Email, SMS, MMS, and Missed Calls on the taskbar. Viewable from the lock screen, so you do not have to slide to unlock to see if you have email, text, or a missed call.

SBSettings iPhone 3GS

SBSettings -Offers the quickest way to access important settings such as turning on and off 3G, Wifi, Edge, Bluetooth, etc. it is also a hand memory manager. You can kill processes and free up memory with a touch of a button.

iPhone CSS Signature

Custom CSS Mail Signatures -Create a lot nicer mail signatures than the default Set from my iPhone.

ActivateMMS2G -Enables MMS on the first iPhone (iPhone 2G).

Winterboard and Themes -Fully customize the look of your iPhone with custom icons and backgrounds.

3G Unrestrictor -Tricks your iPhone into thinking that it is on a wifi network so you can use 3G or edge without restrictions. This lets you use Skype over 3G and also download files larger than 10MB on the AppStore.

OpenSSH -Full file system access lets you manage all of the files on your iPhone using a simple application like Transmit (mac) or Winscp (windows).

Unapproved AppStore Apps -Jailbreaking your iPhone gives you access to Cydia, an AppStore alternative. All the apps that Apple does not allow into the AppStore have the ability to be released in Cydia. With the recent rejection of Google Voice apps from Apple’s official AppStore, Cydia gives jailbroken iPhone users a chance to use those Apps. GVMobile was recently released in Cydia because of this very reason. They did not want all of their hard work go to waste.

All of these applications can be found on Cydia. Cydia is added by default when you jailbreak your iPhone. Hopefully we will see some of these features implemented by Apple in an updated firmware. Some of these we will never see and this is why jailbreaking your iPhone is worth it even though Apple does not allow it. If you bring your jailbroken iPhone into the Apple Store, Apple will void your warranty. Since a restore in iTunes completely eliminates the jailbreak, make sure you do a full restore before you bring your iPhone into the Apple Store.

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  • truehybridx

    i guess this was made in retaliation to apples documents about NOT jailbreaking

  • Chris

    iRealSMS (full version of iRealQuickSMS mentioned above) and MyWi are the only two apps I’m still going to jailbreak for. If I could get tethering for free, I wouldn’t mind not having wifi, and if Apple implemented quick reply in their own OS, I would never jailbreak again.

    But since I jailbroke, it’s nice having status notifier, SBSettings, YourTube, 3G Unrestrictor, Inspell, etc.

  • Alan Vazquez

    I applaud your article Mike! Great job! 

  • Alcyn

    Thanks! BTW, what wallpaper theme are using in the first screenshot?

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Alcyn it is a custom theme I made.

  • red

    great articlet! do you know the settings for activatemms2g to get it working?

  • red

    for t-mobile?

  • RT

    Great, you convinced me.
    I am trying to switch to T Mobile, I read the post by Alan about how to switch to sidekick plan.
    I am wondering what is the best way to unlock a 3g phone, including software version on the phone, itunes etc…what are advantages and disadvantages..
    Great appreciate it..

    • Limited Edition iPhone

      RT all you have to do is make sure you have iTunes 8.2 and RedSn0w. That will jailbreak and activate your phone for version 3.0.1. You then go into Cydia and download UltraSn0w to unlock the phone so you can use it on T-Mobile. It is as easy as that!

  • squish

    Can you get in “trouble” for jailbreaking? I mean…is it illegal? And is it at all harmful for the iPhone? Are there any chances it would ruin it or anything?

    • Limited Edition iPhone

      It is not illegal. Apple will void your warranty if you bring it to them jailbroken. They do not support it. It will not harm your device in any way. It can simply be erased and back to normal by just doing a restore in iTunes.

  • squish

    One more question..and forgive my non-techiness. LOL
    I hate that I only have a choice of a handful of text message alerts. Everyone has an iPhone these days and when you get a text message everyone has the same sound/alert. Is there an application after jailbreaking that would allow more options for sounds/alerts?

  • squish

    Awesome…I’ve been researching and researching all day to make sure this jailbreaking is safe. I think I might do it tonight.
    Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate it.

  • Smoke0718

    I just jailbroke my phone a few days ago and its by far the best thing ive done in while. But i do have a question regarding the SMS alert TONE..How do you create a custome tone to play on your own phone ive looked at just about every app for messaging and have yet to find one that tells you how or does it for you…

  • -Tyler-

    Where is the best place to jailbreak my iPhone? What website?

  • Stefan

    Hi, I tried to jailbreak my iphone but it got stuck and now I cannot start it anymore. Theres hust the apple on the black background screen but nothing ever happens. Anyone knows what to do? Please help!!! I am iPhoneless!!
    Thanks in advance

  • Steve

    I have a 3gs jailbroken on 4.0.1. Is there any advantage to upgrading to 4.3.3 then re-jailbreaking.

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