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You must first connect to iTunes with an Internet connection to enable YouTube

August 23rd, 2008 · 6 Comments · Apple, iPhone, Mods, Unlocked

youtube fix

Are you seeing the message “You must first connect to iTunes with an Internet connection to enable YouTube” after jailbreaking or unlocking your iPhone with firmware 2.0.2 and below? For the longest time I have been using PwnageTool to jailbreak iPhones. I recently tried QuickPwn and now receive the message “You must first connect to iTunes with an Internet connection to enable YouTube.”

In order to fix YouTube on firmware 2.0.2 you need to:

Download the LockDown files: Here


SSH into your iPhone with a program like WinSCP. There is a guide here

Navigate to /private/var/root/Library/ and delete the folder Lockdown.

upload the folder Lockdown that you extracted from the zip.

Open up the Lockdown folder and make sure all 3 files have permissions set correctly as pictured below:

lockdown iphone 2.0.2

Last step is to reboot your iPhone. You are now running YouTube on firmware 2.0.2


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  • truehybridx

    ugh not this crap again…. My youtube has never worked outside wifi

  • Alan Vazquez

    LOL . Yeah, sometimes it’s the little things that screw with ya the most huh? My YouTube app on my iPod touch was having troubles as well, so all I did was replace the entire and the lockdown with the stuff from firmware 2.0, worked perfectly. (I am on 2.0.1)

  • M4RU

    Alan Vazquez! please! ya no se q hacer…no funciona SSH en 2.0.2, antes en 1.1.4 funcionaba perfecto.No tengo o no veo por ningun lado el BSD System y sospecho q es eso lo q me falta…Ah! y cuando hago ping por terminal el ip del iphone pierde todos los lo puedo pinguear..q sucedera??

  • Alan Vazquez

    M4RU: Hola, perdon por no responder rapido, pero ya se lo que pasa. Tienes que installar “OpenSSH” de Installer o agararlo de Cydia. En 1.1.4 ya ,en el firmware que haseas in WinPwn o Pwnage Tool, ya lo tenia incluido. So ahora tienes que installar lo por Installer o Cydia. Y BSD Subsystems, no ceria bien installar lo de Installer o Cydia, toda bia tiene muchos problemas. y tambien tiene muchisimos problemas en 2.0 para riva. Pero SSH si sirbe. Nadamas to tienes que installar de Installer o Cydia. Tabien yo digo que seria buena idea de installar BossPrefs para prender o apagar SSH. Tabien esta in Installer y Cydia. Si necesitas mas hauda pregunta me. Perdon si mi espanol escribido esta poquito mal pero yo si soy latino y hablo espanol bien, pero no puedo escribir tan bien como el ingles. Pero si necesitas mas hayuda preguna me. O hala te haude poquito.

  • A-Rob

    Tried the fix and it did not work. Everytime I try to play a video it say “YouTube is not available”. Any suggestions?

  • Al

    I tried this method like 2 times. Im still getting the same message. any help?

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