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April 1st, 2008 · 42 Comments · Apple, Funny, iPhone, Mods


This morning I was looking online and I just so happen to visit, and to my surprise The iPhone Dev-Team’s site had this image. Now, if you recall this image was found in the video from the Russian demo of Project “PWNAGE”. (More on the Russian Demonstration later this week) Now, recall that it was in the “One last thing…” part of the short video. Also, if you try to download the image on the Dev-Team’s site, the default file name is “Steved”. So, HA HA Dev-Team, very funny. We knew it all along.

-Alan Vazquez


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  • Ben

    it was an April Fools!!! When is (PWNAGE) gunna be out this week

  • truehybridx

    damn apple is screwed with this thing…

    jailbreak/unlock and fw
    install whatever
    rebuild it as an IPSW

    great one

  • Alan Vazquez

    I’m not quite sure when this week. We’ll update you guys when it’s out. I’m looking forward to the Windows version! And yes, Apple is quite boned.

  • Ben

    I’m staying on PWNAGE. If it’s not April Fools. Once Apple figures it out I’m not updating or anything.

  • Ben

    What does the
    picture on say
    I dragged it to my desktop it said (Steved)
    or it meant April Fools

  • Alan Vazquez

    Ben, I googled those letters (NPEBEA) and not a single useful thing came up on google. Mabe, it might mean that, or it might mean “Surprise”. WHo knows?

  • Ben

    thanks anyway. I’ll look it up and maybe something will pop up. keep trying to find out. Thanks for ur help

  • Ben

    type on google

    Maybe that’s it

  • ben

    now it says [surprise] on the website

  • ben

    I went back again it shows that picture again

  • steje


    “Surprise” – nope!

    read this:

  • Ben

    it’s out PWNAGE

    Trying when I get home

  • Ben

    It’s out

  • Madblaster6

    It says “Hello” in Russian. I can read it yes.

  • Madblaster6

    Correction it’s spelt wrong. It’s the online way of saying Surprise. There is a link steje braught to my attention. I suck at reading Russian. hey at least I speek it well.

  • Alan Vazquez

    Hey everybody, nice job on the research thing. And yes, the Pwnage tool has been released for Mac OS X. I have tried the pwnage tool on my 2.0 (beta) firmware, and it works great! It gives it a little more stability, in my opinion. I want the Windows version. The guy that is working with the Dev-Team to make the Windows (and I hear, mabe even linux), said that the windows (mabe even linux) versions should be up in 24 hours. (or less). We might hear of a launch at mabe 7 or 8 tomorrow in the morning. I hope so! 🙂

  • mike

    my iPhone is stuck on the npebea logo I need help to make it work again

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    load up iTunes and click restore.

  • mike

    I did that

  • Brandon

    Mine is Stuck too how do i get rid of it??

  • me

    how do i restore in itunes? if i plug the iphone it doesnt read in itunes…

  • me again

    this shit sucks i cant use my fucking phone im fucking frustrated. how the hell do i fix this ????anybody here know?

  • Tom

    When you restore via iTunes, make sure you are using a 32 bit OS, not a 64 bit OS.

  • jacobray69

    i have a 1st Gen iPhone with firmware 2.2.0 on it. i keep having to restore it due to the reboot issue of it never getting to the home screen. now that NPEBEA logo comes on and iTunes gave me error 1611 when trying to restore. now it wont even go into recovery mode!! PLEAS HELP!!

  • Biff Treehorn

    Sooo frustrating! And restoring in iTunes doesn’t fucking work. I just want to smash this cock sucker! It’s doing my head in! Argghhhhhh!

  • mikee v

    shiiit im stuck in the same shit with my phone i want to smash this shit

  • jacobray69

    ok so heres an update for my January 5th comment..
    i guess there’s something new I learn about the iPhone every damn day. first off the “NPEBEA” logo is now old news. its off my iphone and i had it stuck on that logo for days. i kept trying over and over to reinstall my firmware with no luck.
    then one day while being so flipping pissed off and literally 5 seconds from smashing my iphone, pressed all my buttons in frustration and accidentally went into restore mode. why didn’t this work before? i have no idea. maybe i was doing it wrong.. the iphone was in DFU mode to be exact. i installed 2.1 again and it worked after many tries but one important thing to know. (plug iphone into your PC/MAC) you HAVE to enter DFU mode manually. your phone will not show up in tunes until you do this. as far as i know this “NPEBEA” thing is just a joke or some prank that looks like an error and its just telling you to restore your iphone basically. PWNAGE tool put it in your iphone last time you jail broke it and your iphone is stuck on it due to a issue with PWNAGE tool or QUICKPWN 2.2
    for all you stressing on this, please dont. its not hard to get your iphone fixed. infact ive bricked my iphone like 3 times and ive unbricked it all 3 times. the “NPEBEA” thing is not a brick issue.
    if you need any help email me on yahoo @ “jacobray69”

  • jacobray69

    npebea is just a “restore” logo. the best thing to do is restore your iphone with version 2.1
    i had the same issue when i upgraded my iphone to version 2.2, soon after my iphone crashed and it wouldnt boot. it just stayed on the apple logo screen. then i reset it again adn again only to see the “npebea” logo. there is a long drawn out reason for this happening. it has to do with a firmware error with 2.2 or whatever firmware you had jailbroke with QuickPWN.

    first off im assuming you have downloaded the latest version of QuickPWN, you have your iPhone firmware ready (QuickPWN only supports iphone Firmwares 2.0 and above, but i do not reccomend upgrading to version 2.2.1 because this will mess your iphone up for jailbreaking and yellowsnow cannot fix this nor has the DEVteam jailbroke version 2.2.1 yet) and you have the two bootloader files needed (v3.9.bin and v4.6.bin) get those files here:

    so have these 3 things ready:
    1 iphone firmware of your choice, i reccomend firmwares 2.0,2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.1, or 2.2
    2.2.1 will change your bootloaders and cause issues ith jailbreaking BEWARE!!!!
    2 bootloaders as explained earlier
    3 latest version of QuickPWN

    NOTE: if you want to use the iPhone video cord you need to have firmware 2.0.2 installed on your iphone or you will not get the $50 dollar cord to work. 2.1 and above breaks the command output and does not reccognize the cord right to send video out. this is another reason Apple should be dragged out and beaten in the street.

    restore your iphone. its not broke. its stuck more like. you need to enter DFU mode. if you cant go into DFU mode try it several times. IT WILL WORK. the iphone reacts differently to each try believe it or not. you will learn many strange things about iphones as time goes by. in some cases they act rouge to its users.

    enter DFU mode this way. (your iphone must be off when you start)

    Step 1. Turn off your iPhone.

    Step 2. Hold down the power and home button.

    Step 3. When you see the Apple logo, release the power button but continue holding the home button down.

    Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that its in restore mode.

    Alternative Method:

    Step 1. Connect iphone to USB then listen to the sound when it connect and disconnect.

    Step 2. Hold the home and power buttons until hear the disconnect sound then release power button.

    Step 3. Wait until you hear another sound then release home button.

    Alternate Method: Going Into DFU Mode Without Button Pushing: (on windows) (Easier than timing the buttons just right!)

    1.) First download the required archive

    2.) Extract the archive to the root of your hard drive, should be C:/DFU/

    3.) Connect your iPhone and ignore iTunes

    4.) Goto Start – run

    5.) Next type in “c:/dfu/dfu iBSS.m68ap.RELEASE.dfu”

    6.) Wait for iPhone to show a “white” screen

    7.) Now you may proceed to downgrade!

    **also these files are found in ibrickr’s directory except for the .dfu file**

    if you cant enter DFU mode these ways then download a program that you can run that will force the iphone into recovery mode or DFU mode.
    im not that big of a douche so i dont know what program you need to automaticly force your iphone to restore. just keep trying and dont be lazy. Ziphone and other programs have been known to fuck your iphone up. but then again so has QuickPWN but its worked flawlessly for me MANY times with nearly all the v2 firmwares.

    goodluck 🙂

    -jacob ray

  • Brian

    I have this problem. I will tell you the exact chain of events that happened.

    Note: All of the following takes place on the same day (April 2, 2009) using the same computer (Using windows) at roughly 9:00 pm.

    1. I upgraded my iPod Touch from 1.1.4 to 2.2.1

    2. I downloaded the apps: Shotgun and Ferrari gt racer.

    3 I jailbroke my 2.2.1 version using QUICKPWN version 2.2.1. I clicked the otion to keep the Quickpwn logo as a replacement.

    4. I downloaded cummunity resources and browsed for 1 of my favorite apps that i had on the 1.1.4 version. (The app is call iSlsk, which is like limewire for your iphone/ ipod.

    5. I opened cydia and it said it was organaizing.

    6. I pressed the home button and all hell broke loose. The ipod froze or “bricked” if you will.
    *Note, my Ipod has froze before but i was able to do a manual override and put it into restore mode.

    7. When my ipod froze i immediatley tried to turn it off.

    8. After several attempts to try and turn the ipod off, i held the power and home button simultaneously for 10 seconds as I did before.

    9. At this point i realized i would not be able to return the device due to the custom logo. At this point i was extremely frsutrated and angered.

    10. I figured i would try 1 more time and when i did, (I held the two buttons for at least 20 seconds,) a picture identical to the one above appeared. I did not understand what happened and imediatley researched the error on the internet. While researching, i stumbled on this website, discovering that i was not the only one with this dilemma, thus leading me to produce this comment in an effort to supply some information. To others with this problem, i extremely suggest you describe how your problem occured. The information provided might help produce a “cure”
    If ANYONE discovers a method to fix this, email me at

    I would GREATLY appreciate the help!


  • fred

    well this happened two days ago april 15 2009.i was trying to delete an app on mobile finder app(you can mess with apps there ) and when i was trying to delete this app, it froze and i immediatly turned it off with home and sleep button. then when i tryed to turn it back on im stuck with pineapple logo. i think the springboard crashed and keeps looping. then i tryed to force my ipod to restore and then i saw that stupid npebea thing came up and scared the **** out of me! but i was kinda happy that my ipod was about ot fix. but then i try to restore it and it goes through the “preparing ipod to restore” and all that then my ipod has a loading bar on the bottom of the logo but just sits there. it doesnt even move. and then the pineapple thing came up again and i was like wtf!? then it goes back to apple logo itself then the npebea comes up again then it says an error! WTF?!?!!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? plz help

  • fred

    the vid explains what they mean

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    fred plug your iPhone/ iPod into your computer. Make sure it is turned off. Hold the home button and then press the power button and continue to hold both buttons down for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds release the power button but continue to hold the home button. You screen will stay black but your computer will recognize you iPhone of iPod Touch and iTunes will tell you to restore. Restore your iPhone or iPod and you should be good to go.

  • fred

    limited iphone edition, i try to restore it and it keeps saying error 1106 or somethng like that

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Fred try getting in to the 3rd restore mode. It’s the one with the white screen. Run winpwn and when you have the white screen switch to iTunes and restore.

    • sangive

      wow!!!!! after 19 hours Ifinally got it thanks….it worked after switching to itunes and restoring…that is after getting it in 3rd restore mode…thanks!!!!!!!!!

  • epayne96

    Well, i have 2 problems. First is mine.

    I was looking for some cool cydia apps so i googled it and found logo me so i got it (logo me lets you change the boot logo IF YOU DONT HAVE AN IPOD TOUCH 2ND GEN.) well i didnt know that at the time and when i hit “flash” a bar popped up and i cant remember. ether it finished or i got impatient and hit the home button. well i was exited to see my new boot logo so i rebooted. And nothing happend. NOTHING!!!!
    My screen is currently blank and when i plug it in it says on my windows screen “USB not recognized!”
    So as i said it is a 2nd gen and to make matters worse the one day i dropped it i didnt have the case on and it landed exactly on the power button so now that dosent work.

    Anyone with a fix or comment email me at

  • epayne96

    Then there is my freinds which i jailbroke for him using quickPWN (i jailbroke mine with quick freedom) and all was going great untill after i got insallous for him. After i did when you search it shows a list of apps you searched for right. well when i clicked on it nothing happened.
    so i thought i needed an app from cydia that i needed for mine to work called guicache.
    Then i cant remember if i hit power or if i used winterboard or something but when i turned it on like normal but after i slid the arrow i started putting in the passcode and it made the clicking noise but the circle didnt apper in the boxes and i couldnt login.
    so i rebooted but the some thing.
    then i ether plugged it in to my computer or rebooted it but then steve showed up.
    So now if i reboot it then it alwas has an error even when i shift click and pick one of the two firmwares that i have: 2.0.1 and 2.2.1. but its always an error or it says “verifying ipod software” and it never ends so i have to use cntrol alt delete to close itunes.

    When it broke it was using 2.2.1 firmware and it is a 1st gen ipod touch.
    all buttons work.

    Anyone with a fix or comment email me at

  • epayne96

    I fixed my freinds 1st gen so heres how you fix it.
    All he did was restore it on his sisters laptop (sony viao running vista)
    And now it works.
    Not mine though. 🙁

  • jacobray69


  • epayne96

    WELL SORRY!!!!!!
    I sent my ipod into apple and they replaced it for free!!
    Thanks JACOBRAY!!!!!

  • Sandy

    My IPhone 2G has the NPEBEA -steve logo but the home button won’t work and the computer won’t recognize it either i can’t get it into DFU mode with my Windows computer,anybody got any ideas?I did have the computer reconize it once but first i had to let the battery die ,but the did not work long for the home key does not work and after it got enough battery it would not shut off.i had to let it die again.I have not messed with it latley i went back to my Razr and a’m going through withdrawals now.

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