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WWDC 2009: Last Minute Rumors

June 7th, 2009 · No Comments · iPhone

Hey everyone. Just a few hours to go until the WWDC 2009 Philnote. Now as you may have expected we are getting word of some last minute rumors. So let’s get started!

This first bulletin sounds very credible to me. The new high-end iPhone will be announced at WWDC tomorrow morning. This new iPhone also allegedly carries the code name “iPhone 3GS”. Now the person who leaked this information says that he has no clue what the “S” stands for, but he can confirm double the flash memory (up to 32GB from 16GB), a brand new processor that is more than twice as fast, and that video will be the killer feature and that Apple will use video capabilities to market the new iPhone 3GS. Now to me it would make more sense to call it the iPhone Video or the iPhone 3GV, but I am sure Apple has a great reason for this. Now sources say that this new iPhone 3GS will keep its $199-$299 price points.

Some sources also say that the new iPhone 3GS will be available tomorrow in the afternoon (most likely at 6pm). I persinally think that a June 19th release is more likely as that is when iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5 expires.

Sources are also saying that Apple may keep their existing iPhone 3G but reduce its price to $99. This would make sense as Apple would have the high-end iPhone 3GS while keeping a low-end iPhone 3G to further increase their marketshare. Analysts say that having a $99 iPhone would increase their total marketshare by a whoping 100%!

Now on to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. This is on a rumor of a secret project inside of Apple called “Marble”. Now Marble is a new GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Mac OS X. It was expected to be for Snow Leopard, but it would not make sense to throw a brand new UI onto the developers when the latest Snow Leopard beta is said to be a “Master Gold Candidate” which means Apple is done with the OS and is just sharing the flavors of Snow Leopard so that developers can help fix any tiny remaining bugs before final release. Now my sources say that “Marble” is real, but would be delayed until September, so expect “Marble” to take the torch from “Aqua” in Mac OS X 10.7.

Now finally, the fabled Apple tablet. Sources are telling me that Apple is working on the device but don’t expect to see it tomorrow or this year. Sources are saying to expect an actual product sometime next year during the 1st quarter.

Now there are also some rumors of a MacBook 3G, and All I can say about this is do not expect the product to be announced tomorrow, but Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard will have support for the new product that is still in development inside of Apple HQ. The MacBook 3G would be released sometime in the fall of this year, sources say.

So get ready for WWDC 2009, because this is going to be a great keynote. As for good old Steve, his appearance is still up in the air. Nobody is sure, but Apple hasn’t said Steve wouldn’t be there, they are saying that he won’t be back as CEO until late June. I am still hopeful that Steve will appear at the end of the keynote in a “One More Thing…” sort of thing. We will just have to wait and see!

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