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Youtube Not Working On Your iPhone?: Steps To Fix

September 1st, 2007 · 433 Comments · Apple, iPhone, Mods

Youtube iPhone


1. Open installer and install BSD SubSystem, and OpenSSH NOTHING ELSE.

2. Restart the phone and connect to the phone via winscp or whatever program you like that lets you browse the file system.

3. navigate to /var/root/library/lockdown and copy the following files to your computer(for backup purposes)

4. replace the old files with the 3 files you can download from this link:

5: restart iphone.

6: after restart, go to the activation_records folder copy everything in there to your computer. then delete everything in the folder from your phone.

7: restart the phone again

8: connect to itunes and your phone should be re-activated automatically with youtube working!

NOTE:dont delete anything from the activation_records folder untill AFTER you restart the phone in step 5.

if you find you arent getting service, simply put the original files you copied back + restart your phone and try again.

UPDATED: Easy youtube fix Should Work on all versions including 1.1.2:

1. Open installer, and install the update if prompted.2. Go to sources and tap Edit and Add3. Add this URL: Tap Done and then Refresh5. Go to Install (at bottom) and scroll down to the YouTube category and click the youtube fix

YouTube Fix For Firmware 1.0.2

Click Here for firmware 1.1.1

When I bypassed activation using Dvd Jon’s method, I was left without Youtube like a lot of other people. I will be unlocking my iPhone as soon as the unlocking software is released and want to have everything working. I decided to find the answer to the problem. Below are the steps that I took to reactivate my iPhone with Youtube.

0) Start your Windows Machine (MAC People Scroll Down).1) Update to the latest firmware by restoring in itunes.2)Download and install ibrickr and restore the phone to an unactivated state.3) Kill iTunes related processes.4) Jailbreak your iPhone following ibrickr’s instructions.5) Download and unpack this file: or Extract the files to a folder and run “(CLICK HERE)activate.bat” and wait. You will have a fully activated iPhone with Youtube. Credit goes to brasuco, Darkmen, and Deleonju



Take your iPhone out of the box (or after doing a complete restore)Download this (from Rapidshare)… and decompress to your home directory.Download AppTap installer form nullriver (if you haven’t already)Step 1: Double click on the AppTapp Installer to install the Installer.appStep 2: open the folder ~/youtubescript and double click on Install youtube.termRestart your iphone. What it does:1) it puts a patched lockdownd file in the /usr/libexec folder of you iphone making it factory activated.2) puts the three files where they go. (/var/root/Library/Lockdown/)No need to use iasign or independence to activate your simcard. Just put any simcard from att/cingular and it will work.Update: If you have previously activated using iasign or iactivator or independence, then you need to delete all the files in the folder: /var/root/Library/Lockdown/activation_records before restarting the phone.Update2: If you already installed SSH then it’s easy to just scp the files over.scp the following files with the following commandsscp -rp data_ark.plist root@ -rp device_private_key.pem root@ -rp device_public_key.pem root@ -rp lockdownd root@ restart your phoneremember to delete the files in the /var/root/Library/Lockdown/activation_records folder before restarting if you had previously activated with independence, iaasign, etc..UPDATEdownload these 3 files: or and replace them in: /private/var/root/library/lockdown/*.*

=== YouTube Fix For Firmware 1.1.1 ===

Just make sure that you have “Community Sources” installed in On the “sources” tab click “Edit” then “Add” click “Done” then “Refresh”2. On the “Install” tab find the YouTube category. Install the package.

3. Reboot! You should be all set


To get youtube working on 1.1.1 you have to put these 3 files: (link below)data_ark.plistdevice_private_key.pemdevice_publ ic_key.pem

in /private/var/root/Library/Lockdown

Next you need to copy the -DeviceCertificate key from the data_ark.plist provided in the zip file over to the plist /private/var/root/Library/Lockdown/activation_recordsfind below entry in the data_ark.plist<key>-DeviceCertificate</key>copy what is between<data></data>open .plist found in activation_records find <key>DeviceCertificate</key>paste between<data></data> If you do not have an activation_records folder:1). Create an empty activation_records folder2). copy the three files described3). remove all the files in the pair_records folder4). reboot Just a quick note you can use this method both in mac and windows.Use winscp in windows to transfer the files open .plist in notepad, make the changes and save with .plist extension. -Thanks Js29Easy Method:1. Download these 3 files2. Upload them to /private/var/root/Library/Lockdownd (overwrite the originals)If your carrier only provides GPRS connection, and you have updated to 1.1.2, I believe that you have seen that works only with EDGE or WiFi. Today I copied the 1.1.1 to my phone and guess what…It WORKS with GPRS! Copy to iPhone and set permissions to 0755..Replace @ with a. –Thanks Tonydeli7


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    so when my iPhone will be upgraded to 2.2.1 i’ll be not able to use my iPhone. right? then i’ll need to unlock it with quickpwn?
    one more question.. so it’s not possible to install the apps to unlocked iPhone, bought from iTunes or the app store on iTunes?


    btw iPhone is 2G
    thanks a lot for help..

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    yes you will still be able to install apps you bought from itunes.


    allright, will try to do that tommorow. Many thanks for hel


    still youtube doesn’t work.. 🙁

  • Ghazi

    i have iphone 3g with 2.2 version, you tube working fine but from last2 days when i wana play any vdo it says, this movie cannot play. please help how can i fix this, my iphone is unlocked .

  • CDC

    I have a new 3g iPhone from AT&T and up until Monday I could play video via the YouTube app but now I get the ‘The Movie Could Not Be Played’ error. Very helpful of course. But, when I go directly to YouTube I can play Video, do I need to update the YouTube app?

  • Mud

    Same here, and I saw it all over the internet…but no solution yet?
    ‘this movie can not be played’ is the fault, and some movies still play….?
    But if you use Safari on it does work without a problem.
    I guess its the youtube App.

  • Eric

    this worked perfect on a v. 2.2.1 iphone jailbroken w/ quikpwn and v. 8 itunes thanks guys.

  • Avi

    Eric, what exact process worked perfectly for you?

    My YouTube app exits with the message “YouTube not available” on a jailbroken 3G running 2.2.1?

    Replacing the app with the older version from a link above did not help and most of the comments here are old and refer to another iPhoneOS version.

    Anyone have this issue with 2.2.1 and fixed it? Details please.. 🙂

  • LC

    Unfortunately, iBrickr is not working, as in you can’t download it =( .Any help?

  • malik

    my problem of youtube is still fixed
    plz help me my iphone is not connected to youtube


  • Mugag

    i have 3.0 beta 5 with the cannot connect to youtube problem is there any solution ?
    tried mxtube but still can’t play videos even from safari ( youtube mobile version and the desktop one ) please help
    thanks in advance

  • abdo

    hi Mugag

    i have your same problem
    i have just jail broken and upgraded my iphone to firmware 3.0 using redsn0w
    i have tried 3G and WIFI
    youtube just doesn’t work
    safari , maps weather and every other internet using app does
    tried resetting and switching airplane mode on/off
    i have also tried to open youtube vids via safari , that doesn’t work too
    so ,, amm ,, HELP

  • Suresh K. Volam

    Hi Abdo,

    It is very simple to fix your problem not connecting to Internet. Go to :

    Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings.


  • Nøgen billeder

    Everything in the start is difficult..

  • John

    On a 2G iphone running 3.0 I could not get Youtube.

    But updating to 3.0.1 and unlocking with Dev team software, I was then able to get Youtube by just clicking the icon.

    No other changes need to be made.

  • Michel

    Do not run for me, itunes do not see my device after this… iPhone V1 Edge Firmware 2.2

  • ED

    I have a problem, i cant open youtube on my 3gs iPhone.
    firmware modem : 05.13.04

    What can i do? plz help me!

  • abraham

    all what you need to is go to hotspot sheild

    and active your iphone VPN for free and its done believe me it works with me

  • sarath


    i am not able to watch you tube,getting error like cannot connect to you tube,i amusing iphone 2g(8gb),

    please help me out any one with clear details

  • Jack1586

    1. open cydia>search>iphonemodding (repo) add,
    2. search > push fix >install
    3. device will be reboot and its done

    now all your push notification fixed including youtube,gps, enjoy 🙂

  • Youzersef

    Can’t get keyboard on iPod touch 4g YouTube please do steps for it

  • godwin richard

    my iphone can not connect to youtube,what could be the problem?also how can i create an account for yuotube?

  • godwin richard

    my iphone can not connect to youtube,what could be the problem?also how can i create an account for youtube?

  • Shakeelreyaz

    My I phone can not connect the you tube what coult be the problem ?also how can I creat an account for youtube

  • Naing


    I’m using youtube3.Iphone 4G

    I can download you tube video.but I cannot open downloaded video.Please tell me what should i do.

  • happyboybaby

    In order to solve “YouTube not working on iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS” problem, a recommended solution is to download and convert YouTube to iPhone supported format so as to successfully play YouTube on iPhone even without YouTube app and Wi-Fi connection.

    Just google search Step by Step Guide on How to Convert as well as Download YouTube to iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS on Mac or Windows.

    You will find a simple solution

  • janet

    This is a annoying problem! i feel confused about it . According to your steps i can download you tube video, but I cannot open downloaded video.Please tell me what should i do. Thank you…

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