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Allow App Store Applications To Run In The Backround (Jailbreak Required, Of Course)

October 2nd, 2008 · 4 Comments · Apple, iPhone, Mods

Yeah everybody. This is a very simple patch to your springboard application that allows any application that you would like (from the App Store) to continue running in the background. Now I just happen to come across this on the internet about an hour ago, but I wanted to do a little research on it before sharing this with you. Well, it seems that this handy little patch comes just after Apple’s dead line expired. Now if you recall, Apple claimed that they would have a “push notification” service on the iPhone and iPod touch by September, well, September has come and gone, and no sign of any “push notification service” from Apple. They are working on firmware 2.2 as we speak, but as with 2.1. 2.2 had that service taken out of the betas.This patch is very simple to activate and disable. All you have to do is install it from Cydia, and the hold down the home button for a few seconds, and a box should pop up saying that you have enabled the feature, or disabled it, depending on your circumstance.

So this handy (yet prone to super fast battery consumption and a 2.0-2.0.2ish laggy experience) patch was made by Jay Freeman (saurik), a very well known iPhone developer. Now, by laggy experience, I mean, if you want like 30 apps running at once, on any computer or anything, that would be a pretty laggy experience, so try to use it with like IM clients, or with online radio clients. It seems to work better with things like that. Now, you can controll what applications you want and others that you don’t want running, but editing a .plist file. All of the details can be found at the official iPhone Backgrounder page, with instuctions and updates. Come on Apple, get it together.


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  • truehybridx

    hello myspace, facebook and realtime IM….. goodbye response time and battery life ^_^

    wait so we can still force quit apps with this patch installed tho right?? since it kinda uses that to either activate or disable?

  • Alan Vazquez

    yep. that’s correct. Now if I could jailbreak right now I would only use it on facebook, due to the fact that I use that a lot. But yeah, it’s useful some of the time, but this is not for use on all apps.

  • truehybridx

    i dont even think myspace and facebook wil show updates like messages n crap but its helpful that its in the same place when i close out of it lol

  • Alan Vazquez

    no, but say you have a chat going on and the other person asks you to open an e-mail they sent you, or something, the chat wouldn’t be broken.

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