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AT&T Has Screwed Us Over… AGAIN!

June 8th, 2009 · 5 Comments · iPhone

Hey guys, it seems that AT&T has screwed us all over this time. I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am! AT&T will not be supporting teathering (for now, mabe this summer. Keyword is mabe!) Also, AT&T will alao not be supporting MMS on iPhone OS 3.0 launch day. Or until “late this summer”. What the hell?! MMS has been available to all phones for YEARS! What the hell?! There is no new technology going into this.

Also, what about the $399 and $499 iPhone 3G S upgrades? That is also bull crap

Its just another wake up call to Apple to dump AT&T. I am an AT&T customer and I am outraged. I experienced dead zones today, and I too have gotten a rude awakening at the crappy service that is AT&T. Good thing I’m not on a contract with those idiots.


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  • Pyrofallout

    Alan I think what is even worse here is the upgrade options they are providing us existing users. If your a iPhone 3G customer your options are pretty much $399/$499 or $599/$699.

  • Alan Vazquez

    OMG, do not get me started on that. At the time that I wrote the article I had no knowledge of that. I found that out a few hours ago on some news wires. The iPhone 3GS is cool, but come on Apple. I hope they refuse to extend their exclusive AT&T contract.

    AT&T is dragging Apple down with them. Apple dropped $0.83 a share today. (Even though they always lose after a keynote) AT&T also lost a bunch due to their crappy service and stupid actions regarding the new iPhone 3GS.

    I shouldn’t really complain about the upgrade options on the new 3GS as I am on a GoPhone plan and they apparently don’t classify me as a real customer. So if I choose to buy the new iPhone 3GS, I would still be qualified for the $199 and $299 pricing.

    There are some negatives to all of this. Let’s face it. The iPhone Dev Team will most likely never jailbreak, let alone unlock this thing. Apple has stated after the keynote to press that they changed everything on the inside of the iPhone. This would mean that they possibly even studied any possible pwnage methods and patched those out of the hardware as well.

    I do believe that the iPhone Dev Team has an unlock for the latest baseband on the iPhone 3G (04.24.02). They have once again hinted at this possibility. The baseband hasn’t changed since beta 3, which would mean Apple will most likely stop updating the baseband, in order to focus on the 3GS.

    So even if the dev team manages to get a jailbreak going, I also have to state the very unfortunate fact that the Dev Team’s days are numbered. The iPod touch 2G was jailbroken due to a stupid error on the part of Apple engineers, and I don’t think Steve would be willing to allow such a thing to happen again.

  • Leo

    I won’t buy the 3gS till it’s jailbroken so I guess this means won’t be for a looong time…good I save money 🙂

  • Alan Vazquez

    Leo: Yeah man. The iPhone 3G S may never be jailbroken. I am almost certain of that. At least not jailbroken by any sort of pwnage method. The iPhonw Dev Team is going to have to come up with something better as Apple changed every single thing inside of the iPhone 3G S. Whether it is a new piece of hardware or they just moved it around, this new iPhone 3G S is a completely different beast than anything before it.

    This truly is the most powerful iPhone ever. A new processor alone would cause tons of issues jailbreaking, but now, everything has changed.

  • David

    Uhmm.. Its Already Been Jailbroken..

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