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Guide: Jailbreak/Activate/Unlock Virgin iPhones v1.1.1 [WINDOWS]

October 18th, 2007 · 194 Comments · Apple, FAQ, iPhone, Mods, Unlocked


Use this ONLY if you have a BRAND NEW iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 or a virginized 1.1.1 iPhone

Text in red means you use WinSCP for that step, text in blue means you use Putty Download one zip file containing all the downloads that this guide tells you to get, so instead of individual links here is a zip archive of all the files/installers needed for this guide :—————————Using Task Manager (ctrl-alt-delete) end ITunes.exe, iTunesHelper.exe and iPodService.exe)

First we need to get to safari:

1. Slide to reach the emergency dial screen
2. enter *#307# and then press call
3. Your phone will ring itself, press answer
4. Press hold now and your phone will start ringing again
5. Press Dismiss and your phone will go into the contacts/dial screen
6. Press contacts from the bottom bar and add a contact
7. Add a contact with a random name and homepage as >> prefs://1F
8. Save it and click on the contact’s homepage. this will take you straight into the setting menu of the iPhone.
8a. Leave your phone on for a minute or two. Then shut down your iPhone and restart.
8b. After the iPhone restarts it should have the Wifi icon showing at the top…if it does not do steps 1 – 8 again.
9. Once the wifi is working, do steps 1 – 5 again.
9a. For the next step add another contact give it another name and this time add the address as >> UPDATE: use the address: instead of
10update. Save the contact and then go to just saved. Follow the instructions and it will automatically activate and jailbreak your iPhone. You can now skip the Touchfree part and proceed to WINSCP.

10. Save the contact and then go to the 2nd url you just saved. Safari will load the page and then close automatically to the home screen (the screen that says activate iphone).

If you do not have an answer key and your phone is ringing try this: After you dial *#307# , then you phone will ringing. Then delete the *#307# , and then type number” 3?( only number “3?) press call. After then that you will see ” Decline and answer”. Click “answer”, then click “hold”. Then your iphone will show up ” Decline and Answer” again. THIS time hit “decline” and it will let you go to the contact screen.


Once thats done continue :

Get TouchFree (it works on iPhone too)
Get/Install .Net Framework 3.0 before you move on

If you are having trouble with touch free (like it gets stuck at step 2 and stuff, uninstall the old version, make sure you delete the folder in C:/programs, and use this one : TouchFree Alpha)

Follow the steps on TouchFree (You have to shut down the iPhone 2 times during this process, it will tell you to do it even after the 2nd time you have done it but ignore that and close the program!)

After TouchFree finishes you should restart your iPhone and get to the springboard

If TouchFree is giving you problems you can follow the newer (untested by me) guide:

Get the New PACAY to activate. You can download it here:

(UPDATED!) CARNAVAL helps you with the whole process of activating you iPhone and getting 3rd party software. It’s a little bit more interactive than PACAY, so you’re going to have to read ALL the text the scrolls during execution so you follow the instructions to the letter.

WARNNING: CARNAVAL is for iPhone 1.1.1 only and you should have iTunes version 7.4 (newer version). Also, this is the first release, as the first to try you are helping the community as a tester but is also running the risk of using buggy software.

After TouchFree or Carnival has completed: Set auto-lock on your phone as “never” (on your iphone: Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Never)

Now get WinSCP and find your iPhone ip by going to (on your iphone) settings > Wi-Fi > “Your selected WiFi” > Look under IP AddressConnect to your iPhone using WinSCP (user: root password: alpine) Change File Protocol to SCP


Just press login after your screen on WinScp

Get AnySIM 1.1 ( Upload AnySIM 1.1 to the /Applications folder (Make sure both the folder and the file inside that folder named anysim are chomodded to 0755 [right click and select properties]) click on the “..” until you see root, then click on the applications folder and put anysim inside.
Make sure the directory and the FILE named “anysim” inside the directory are chmodded to 0755 [right click and select properties]!!

Download this file http://rapid$ (change the $ sign for an S in the url)- Upload it to your /usr/bin folder (on the iphone)Set permissions to 0755

Run Installer from your springboard- Install BSD Subsystem from Installer- Restart your phone

Run anySIM 1.1 (MAKE sure your new simcard in inserted) (IF ANYSIM CRASHES, CHMOD the ANYSIM FILES AS STATED ABOVE)

Restart your phone again

Get this file: http://rapid$… (change the $ sign for an S in the url)- Upload the three files to your /usr/libexec folder on your iphoneSet permissions to 0755 to the three filesRename the file called lockdownd on your /usr/libexec folder to lockdownd.backRename the file lockdownd.1.0.2 to lockdownd

Download iAsign ( may need this dlls to run iAsign http://rapid$ (change the $ sign for an S in the url)There is a file called iphoneactivation.pem under the /iAsign/bin/ folder of the zip you just downloadedUploaded to your iphone, to the folder /System/Library/Lockdown

Get Putty from here…/x86/putty.exe
Connect to your iPhone using putty (user: root password: alpine)
Run this command without the quotes “killall lockdownd”

Extract the iasign folder to your C:/ Drive (That folder can be found in this file >>

Open a command line in your pc (Start menu > Run > cmd)- Navigate to the folder where you have iasign.exe (This means you need to point the command prompt to the iasign folder):– Now run this command from the command line “iasign –automatic iPhoneActivation_private.pem”- Your iphone should popup a message telling you that it is Activated- Now rename lockdownd to lockdownd.1.0.2 using WinSCP (This is in /usr/libexec)- Now rename lockdownd.swap to lockdownd using WinSCP (This is in /usr/libexec)

Run this command without the quotes “killall lockdownd” on putty

Restart your phone and it should be unlocked by now.

Now use this tutorial to get YouTube activated: YouTube 1.1.1 Fix

ONLY 300mb on your phone after you are done: you should remove the “media” file, and then rename either “media.old” or “mediabackup” to “media”

it is located at var/root

You are all set now Special thanks goes to mando for the original tutorial!


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  • Buzz

    … pls is there any iphone app where i can run these commands from the iphone itself: (1) rm /var/root/Media
    (2) mv /var/root/Media.old /var/root/Media….txs

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    download mobile terminal from installer

  • Don bui

    do you have to have an att sim card to do this whole guide cuz i jsut bought it brand new from the store without the sim card

  • Buzz

    txs, downloaded vt100, 1st line of code was OK (phone shows correct memory now), but 2nd line got message “no such file Media.old or Mediabackup”, still can’t see my music and videos, itunes shows correct memory 8GB but can’t se my songs and videos..any hints..

  • keopp

    Awfully, I don’t have att sim. Is there any other possibility? Please …..

  • Buzz

    OK (phew!), iphone also accepted command (2) mv /var/root/Mediaold /var/root/Media (without the . between Media and old), but still cannot see my songs and videos..thats about about 5GB of “invisible songs and videos”…any hints?

  • Buzz

    2nd queston: what will happen if I ERASE ALL CONTENTS AND SETTINGS on my iphone?…

  • Buzz

    did the reset, but free memory is still only around 3GB but still can’t see my 5GB songs and photos…is there any vt100 command to delete/erase this 5GB of “invisible” songs/photos/videos? Cheers.

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    buzz you really need to get winscp running…

  • Don bui

    is there any other way to unlock the iphone without the att sim card

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Don bui which part are you at

  • Don bui

    im at where it say put the go to and it just say safari cant not open page becuase it cant find the server

  • Buzz

    LTD EDITION, winscp is not connecting to my iphone…its driving me crazy…is there any way to erase all the memory (erase->erase all contents and settings did not solve the problem), cheers.

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    have you installed bsd subsystem and open ssh? make sure your iphone has an ip and that you select scp in the dropdown in winscp

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    try using or
    both will do the same thing as

  • Buzz

    Did just that (after a huge effort I will not bother you with), can receive and make phone calls, but screen still says SLIDE TO EMERGENCY and of course there are no apps installed…any hints

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    I dont mind helping you as long as we can help others. How can you make an receive phone calls if it says slide for emergency? Do you have your ATT card in when you are trying to activate?

  • Buzz

    yes, my sim card was in during the whole process, never took it out

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    how are you able to make and receive calls when it says slide for emergency?

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Buzz have you tried the touchfee method?

  • Buzz

    🙂 slide, dial – can send and receive calls! …I think I will restore again and wait for, feel embarassed troubling u all

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Yeah do a full restore make sure you hold down shift and select 1.1.1 so that you do not restore to 1.1.2

  • Buzz

    I’ve done that 3 times, with same result as I described, I’m now restoring 4th time and won’t use but will wait for appsnapp on, and won’t be back on this forum until my iphone is OK. Txs for the sfift-select reminder, and txs for evrything else, Buz.

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Don’t Leave us 🙁 should work. It may be busy with all the customers overseas trying to jailbreak their phones. Just keep trying until it works and continue to read the news here and share with others.

  • Buzz

    🙂 🙂 🙂 came home from work today and restored, opened with trepidation, great relief when I saw the AppSnapp link, the rest was easy, got my full memory back, uninstalled iTunes and all Apple software to be on the safe side then connected my iPhone to iTunes as NEW PHONE, everything is 100% OK…txs so much for the encouragement and support…will come to bother u once 1.2 is released next year 🙂 Cheers!

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Congrats Buzz. Where are you located again? You know that firmware 1.1.2 is out now and you can get international settings if you need them.

  • Buzz

    I’ll pass the 1.1.2 upgrade now , prefer to have 1.1.1 which can be easily restored, jailbroken and activated . Its always good to wait and see how things develop before jumping the 1.1.2 bandwagon. WARNING to everyone, I’ve read somewhere that Apple have closed the tiff door on the 1.1.1 software, so if you need to restore it might be better to use the old 1.1.1 file everyone should have on his computer, rather than downloading the upgraded 1.1.1. file from Apple.

  • Kay

    I have done all the steps and get stuck at iasign –automatic iPhoneActivation_private.pem

    It says waiting for iphone…. and does nothing else.

    My wi-fi works and I have connected my phone via the USB. Still it does nothing. What could be the problem???

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Kay just jailbreak/activate/unlock the easy way

    1. Do the *#307# trick
    2. go to
    3. get anysim from installer and unlock

  • SadGirl

    I just unlock my iphone and works very good but stupid by my side i update and there was an error my iphone was block.. there was only yellow triangle …after hours i fix that with restore and my iphone was locket again …i unlock than with anysim everything works but i cant do calls …it says anysim cannot unlock this phone…is there any solution becouse i read that now i cant fix this problem :((( sorry for my english

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    did you upgrade to 1.1.2? You will either need to downgrade to unlock or virginize and then unlock

  • SadGirl

    My version now is 1.0.2 and everything works just the most important thing dont…calls…i use anysim and i have t-mobile simcard and when i click on anysim to activate it says : anysim cannot unlock this phone .

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    add as a source in installer. Then go to unlocking tools and select the virginize. Once that is done run anysim again.

  • Buzz

    For those brave enough to try upgrading 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 there is a guide here (haven’t tried it myself):

  • Max

    i have a problem, i used jailbreakme and now i am trying to use winscp but it is saying connection refused. i tried this on two computers but the problem persists.

  • limitededitioniphone

    make sure you have bsd subsytem and open ssh installed

  • adriano

    Hi, i would SOO greatly appreciate your help! I have been working on my iphone for the last 2 months and cannot get it to work. Come the start: Everything went well, 1.0.2 baseband and 03.14.08 and correct IMEI…i used any sim 1.0.2 and it says the unlock was successful. Unfortunately nothing happens when i put my vodafone sim in, absolutely nothing, it still says it has no sim card installed, which i cant understand if everything has gone right step by step. Is my phone faulty?? Is my sim card just not recoginisable by the iphone??? My head hurts from all the hard months worth of hours i have put in trying to unlock this phone, which is just gorgeous. I would really appreciate your help. Many Thanks, Adriano

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    revirginize it with my installer source and then upgrade to 1.1.1. Then follow my 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 upgrade guide.

  • adriano

    i think my phone is broken its got the right software and baseband, when i type in *#307# it comes up with “Error performing request SIM Not Inserted” There IS a sim inside, i did restart the phone when i put it in, i’ve tried the AT&T sim and vodafone and orange. Very unusual as no one else on the web has had this problem i think the phone is faulty. Is that possible?
    Any ideas??? Thankyou so much again!

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    are you sure you do not have version 1.1.2? You cannot do the *#307# trick on a 1.1.2 iPhone

  • adriano

    yes i am certain the phone is on 1.1.1 , must be faulty 🙁 i will send it back to apple as it is in guarantee I will make sure it looks like i havent unlocked it.

  • Coil21

    Ok I have AT&T. I downgraded to 1.1.1, installed appsnapp, everything works but the calls. Even though Im with AT&T, do i still need to do all that unlocking? scared of ruining the phone some how. Or if not, how do i activate it again so i can make calls.

  • NastyN8

    I just wanted to give “Limited Edition iPhone” a big shoutout for being so helpful. He has been hammered with questions on how to unlock these darn devices, and i thank you for your patience. I would like to offer any help i can to anyone having issues with this method or the one on To date i have unlocked over 300 iphones of all firmwares and countries. If i can be of any help just reply to this post or email me at

  • abhi

    I was using 1.1.1 and all of a sudden I was not able to make calls and it showed call ended.
    but i was able to recieve and send sms.
    I virginized using apptapp for limitededitioniphone .
    And then restored 1.1.1 version thriough i tunes.
    i followed all the links but after reaching the on the iphone i select install and it does not install.
    and comes back again to activate.
    what is the problem with making calls.

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