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iPhone 3G Unlock Is Now Live!

January 1st, 2009 · 2 Comments · Apple, Applications, Unlocked

UPDATE: Hey guys, the iPhone 3G unlock is now available world wide. I have posted the repos for both Installer and Cydia in the post.

UPDATE 2: yellowsn0w .91 available now! For people in the US attempting to use T-Mobile, you must turn off 3G first.

UPDATE 3: This version doesn’t have PIN support, please unlock your SIM before using it on your iPhone.

UPDATE 4: This version will take up to 1 minute searching for your SIM card, just chill out. This is still in beta. Please report success and failure here so we can make a log and report it so it can be fixed.

UPDATE 5: .95 has been released and is much better. It also fixes many of the issues where users could not make outgoing calls.

Hey guys! Let it sn0w, let it sn0w, let it sn0w. We are now announcing (first, before virtually any other iPhone web site) that the iPhone 3G unlock (yellowsn0w) is now available on Cydia! Just open up Cydia, let it refresh the packages, and install yellowsn0w!

SUPER IMPORTANT: RESTORE/UPDATE TO FIRMWARE 2.2 IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! This unlock will only work on the latest baseband. So update/restore to 2.2, then jailbreak, then install yellowsn0w from Cydia. The iPhone 3G unlock has under gone a world of changes these last 2 days, so this unlock will only work on the latest baseband.

Yes, we know that we have always told you to not update due to baseband updates, but not all baseband versions will have the same holes.




IMPORTANT NOTES: Alright guys, there are some important notes, the first is that the yellowsn0w package will be available “as soon as the guy in charge of the repo wakes up” so, I would wait until the morning. 🙁 Anyways, there are 2 real things that you should take note of, the first is that there is a system permissions issue that will be fixed ASAP on the package. The next is that, there is a bug (to some) that will make you have to reboot your iPhone. The only way to know if you have to do that is if you insert your SIM card, and the iPhone does not recognize the SIM, in this case you must reboot. This will be fixed soon. This is a very annoying step. So you may have to do this every time that you boot your iPhone if the SIM isn’t recognized in the first 10 seconds.

So enjoy everybody! You’ve earned it! Now as we face 2009, just remember everything that has happened in 2008, all of the good and bad, and look forward to the new and, very early reported on, products and services. New iPhones, new iPod touches, new Macs are in the works, so stick with us for further announcements, before, during, and after Apple’s last MacWorld Expo.

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