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Lawsuit: Did Apple Conspire With The Mafia To Bug Your iPods? Someone Thinks So.

July 17th, 2009 · 3 Comments · iPhone

Well, this is a strange claim., but apparently, Gregory McKenna, a California man, claims to have sufficient evidence to charge Apple, Inc. with conspiring with the Mafia to illegally build and sell bugged iPods, and to add the word “herpes” into Mike Jones’ music video “Still Tippin”.

He claims that Apple, Inc. sent him multiple death threats.

Here’s what his lawyer had to say


“The recording of death threats and other evidence, prove that Apple, Inc. conspired with the Mafia and other Defendants to manufacture, distribute, and sell illegally bugged iPods and other electronic equipment to Plaintiff (Gregory McKenna) to perpetuate the stalking, extortion, and torture.”

Gregory also said that Apple forced him to model for them in New York, and if he refused they would kill him.

“We’re going to kill you if you don’t model for us in New York. Media sources report that the modeling industry has an infamous “shadow Mafia” that forces models to work for pay after fraudulently putting them into excessive debt, coerces them into the illegal sex trade, and then disposes of them.”

Now, this next one seems very odd to me, but he claims that they added the word “herpes” to Mike Jones’ music video “Still Tippin”. This is what he said the song was after they did it:

“Tippin’ on four fours, wrapped in four vogues, HERPES. Tippin’ on four fours, wrapped in four vogues. Tippin’ on four fours, wrapped in four vogues, AH”

Now, for the sake of argument, I watched the video 5 times, and I never heard the word herpes! I am not sure where Gregory is going with this, but I just don’t see him having a case with that.

Well, this story is very strange indeed, but until we see/hear actual evidence, I can’t say anything more on the matter…

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